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Depending Walls

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Check the condition of the plaster to see if it cracks, the bay or not. Then check evenness of the walls with the level and the rules. Using these data, we know what to do next. If the plaster is covered with bay or cracked it should be completely removed to the ground, and if you do not, then after wallpapering or painting of these defects may occur in the form of cracks or poorly glued wallpaper. Next, we begin to prepare the wall for the application of new plaster.

We cover all the walls are primed, it will help level the absorption of the base and improve the adhesion of the new plaster to the ground. Until the primer dries, ready to install beacons on them will line the walls (they put in a strong curvature of the walls). Material for plaster walls is adjusted depending on the thickness of the plaster coat, as some materials are suitable for applying a thick layer, while others are just fine. If you are going to change or move the wiring, do not forget to do this before plastering. After drying plaster, which is about 3-4 weeks, you can begin to follow up. Further work depends on the chosen finishing material.

If you intend to glue tiles or other similar material, then you can proceed directly to these works. If you decide to pokleit wallpaper or paint the walls, you must first apply putty. Putty, as well as plaster, selected depending on the purpose of the premises and conditions of use. In Depending on the type of filler, may require more primer and plaster, it should be made mandatory if the old plaster was left. After drying, the primer is about a day, starting to putty. It is important to know if topcoat is painting or decorative coating – must be pasted on the wall, masking the grid, it will prevent the appearance of spider cracks. Be sure to stick masking grid on all corners and joints. On the outside corners bonded metal corner profile, it will protect them from mechanical damage. After these works begin to direct application layers putty. Coating is applied in several layers, if you kleite wallpaper, it is enough for 1 layer, if the painting – 2-3 layers. Between each layer put a layer of soil, it will enhance the setting between the layers. Putty dries for 1-2 weeks. Last, 5etap – Apply topcoat. Before his application is made priming. Painting of walls made of 2 layers. Between application of each layer wait until the first layer dries, it is time indicated on the packaging. If you kleite wallpaper, then the method of adhesive depends on the type of wallpaper, this information can be found on the packaging adhesives. At the same time, work to repair the walls end.

Thermal Window

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1. Three layers of sealing the seam. A substantial part of the standard is devoted to rules for filling the gap between the window mounting blocks and the openings on the principle 'from the inside is denser than the outside. " Each installation site should have three layers of sealing: External – protection against climatic influences, in the middle – a heater inside – vapor barrier. The outer layers may be made from different materials and may use different foams. But in any case, they should attend. The outer layer protects the insulation from moisture, but it provides ventilation.

It is best suited for the outer layer psul (pre-compressed sealing tape). This is a special mounting tapes are pasted on the window box before installing it into a doorway, and then expands, they fill all the gaps in the doorway. But in older homes, where their rugged slopes use is complicated. In addition, psul stays plaster. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Alton Steel and gain more knowledge.. In rare cases, can be applied outside the silicone. Thickness of the silicone should be half the width to fill up the joint, and the silicone should be glued only on two sides and work for the extension, the rest of his hand must remain free.

Is unacceptable, of course, as can sometimes be seen at the sites, simply anoint silicone foam on top – it is an imitation of protection suture, but not own protection. On average, insulation, a layer applied polyurethane foam. They uniformly fill the seam and they should not be trimmed after curing. Inner layer – vapor barrier – designed to protect the heater from penetration of moisture vapor from the room 2. The absence of cold bridges. Weak zone is the wall around the window box because of its low resistance to heat transfer. On the slope of a portion in the temperature surface below the dew point. On this site, firstly, the high heat losses occur, and secondly, it falls condensate. If moisture condensation on the slope occurs frequently, then in the future in these areas could be formed fungus (mold). The same applies to the openings without quarters. In their absence, the chance of thermal bridges seriously increased, and there should be particularly careful to think of Thermal units contiguity. 3. Fixing the window block in aperture. Specificity of plastic windows is that they have significant linear thermal expansion. That is, when heated windows sun blocks and box folds increase in size.

Marriage Boards

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They will disappear with the arrival of the warm season and disconnecting the heating compression may be preceded by the swelling of wood in a result of dampness in the room to maintain relative humidity of 30-50% and temperature within the range of 20 C. PI Industries is the source for more interesting facts. During the heating season, use a humidifier on the parquet appear wavy Thin cracks sheet cracks may appear some time after laying or coating as a result of movement of the tree. Often, such a defect is found in some types of wood (oak) can not be repaired. This a natural phenomenon for some wood Defective parketiny replaced floor plank swells humidity, lack of expansion gap, the lack of shift between the connections of boards in adjacent rows.

Moisture is quickly removed from the ground and accumulates under the painted surface, resulting in swelling of parquet planks. The high moisture content leads to similar results. This is particularly noticeable in the sensitive (“capricious”) tree species – such as beech or maple. When laying parquet water from the glue may not have time to evaporate, and the boards a little bend in the process of grinding. Pay attention to the drying time glue. The water in the glue must dry completely before sanding the floor must leave an expansion gap of close to walls, sills, heating pipes, doorways, stoves, etc.

The end connections in a row should be shifted by 50 cm of new buildings should blow a waterproof substrate isolation need an expansion gap required size, as well as waterproofing. If moisture remains in the new building, it will disappear after the second heating season. Some changes in appearance that can appear on the beach or maple dance floor, with normal humidity allowed. When considering the issue of insufficient time, the glue – abrade, zashpatlyuyte and parquet lacquer again. The most appropriate time for such work – the period between summer and winter. Too tight groove and tongue package was opened too early and parquet boards swollen. Other reasons: marriage in the manufacture or use the wrong tool. Buy only high-quality parquet products and trust her laying professionals open a package with parquet before mounting. Interrupt stacking, isolate and replace parts, if you noticed manufacturing defect. Use special tools when installing parquet or floorboard tongues may be slightly oshkureny. If the flooring is laid and it appeared the gap, the floor must be sanded, proshpatlevat and re-varnished wrong angle on the end of the parquet boards Marriage in the manufacture or assembly. Also, this problem can occur if the first row of flooring is laid correctly replace the board with the wrong angle. Series of parquet boards must fit perfectly smoothly Fill all cracks wood filler.