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Depending Walls

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Check the condition of the plaster to see if it cracks, the bay or not. Then check evenness of the walls with the level and the rules. Using these data, we know what to do next. If the plaster is covered with bay or cracked it should be completely removed to the ground, and if you do not, then after wallpapering or painting of these defects may occur in the form of cracks or poorly glued wallpaper. Next, we begin to prepare the wall for the application of new plaster.

We cover all the walls are primed, it will help level the absorption of the base and improve the adhesion of the new plaster to the ground. Until the primer dries, ready to install beacons on them will line the walls (they put in a strong curvature of the walls). Material for plaster walls is adjusted depending on the thickness of the plaster coat, as some materials are suitable for applying a thick layer, while others are just fine. If you are going to change or move the wiring, do not forget to do this before plastering. After drying plaster, which is about 3-4 weeks, you can begin to follow up. Further work depends on the chosen finishing material.

If you intend to glue tiles or other similar material, then you can proceed directly to these works. If you decide to pokleit wallpaper or paint the walls, you must first apply putty. Putty, as well as plaster, selected depending on the purpose of the premises and conditions of use. In Depending on the type of filler, may require more primer and plaster, it should be made mandatory if the old plaster was left. After drying, the primer is about a day, starting to putty. It is important to know if topcoat is painting or decorative coating – must be pasted on the wall, masking the grid, it will prevent the appearance of spider cracks. Be sure to stick masking grid on all corners and joints. On the outside corners bonded metal corner profile, it will protect them from mechanical damage. After these works begin to direct application layers putty. Coating is applied in several layers, if you kleite wallpaper, it is enough for 1 layer, if the painting – 2-3 layers. Between each layer put a layer of soil, it will enhance the setting between the layers. Putty dries for 1-2 weeks. Last, 5etap – Apply topcoat. Before his application is made priming. Painting of walls made of 2 layers. Between application of each layer wait until the first layer dries, it is time indicated on the packaging. If you kleite wallpaper, then the method of adhesive depends on the type of wallpaper, this information can be found on the packaging adhesives. At the same time, work to repair the walls end.