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Arcane The Hanging From The Egyptian Tarot To The Gypsy: What Are The Differences In The Reading Of Letters

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The message of the arcane greater XII of the tarot, the hanging, centered the varied consecuncias around a concept present in all religions: the notion of sacrifice. We are talking about a sacrifice voluntarily accepted as a way of spiritual growth and service to others. Red Solo Cups is open to suggestions. Although of course, the decks of tarot reading has changed with the passage of centuries, and logically the interpretation that this letter received in the old Egypt that which began to receive after the rise of Christianity is not equal. The evolution of mankind changes the viewpoint of those who read or consult the decks. And the baggage of ideas, beliefs and dreams with which each one appropriates the meaning of arcana deeply influencing the message of the letters.

For the Egyptian tarot, the hanging symbolizes the voluntary and selfless service of who goes into action moved only by the generosity. Speaking of the need to devote life to a higher purpose, although still do not understand it is with certainty, as a vital step to achieve the expansion and the growth at all levels. He who gives, receives, and he who is not demoralize by the obstacles in the way, reaches the goal. This letter also speaks of a stakeout in the values that guide the life of every one, since a path of deep spirituality who initiates begins to feel one ever-increasing by the material world detachment. The Gypsy tarot, on the other hand, takes the image of the hanging as a symbol of the restrictions that will be subjected that consultation in the near future. Here speaks of a higher power who guides the order of things, and that nothing serves to oppose. This deck speaks of difficult situations that can only be overcome through the generosity and sacrifice. The image that illustrates it is now the Scandinavian god Odin, which hung head down in exchange for greater wisdom. Therefore, one who is willing to give his life, then, will win it, and who is left to dominate by selfishness will lose himself. This arcane resumes within the decks of the Gypsy tarot reading the notion of desapego by the material world, and you can announce losses of this nature to whoever does the sole aim of his life of obtaining goods and riches. Juan Carlos Montillo

The Mystery Of The Door Not Be Opened

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It was late at night and the eternal summer of the Caribbean breeze abruptly moved the leaves in the treetops. Overnight it enveloped everything but the darkness was not total as the glimmer of two fragile bulbs illuminated partially populated huge almond and trupillos aged and tired track. A man of middle age and normal height, with white shirt, crossed by vertical stripes of pale blue and a fading bluyin, and again beat the door of what seemed to be his home. It seemed because the Interior of the House, protected by a heavy metal door, nobody answered the call. No one opened. No one showed signs of life. A short distance a vehicle with engine noise could be heard running.

In this two men watched carefully the movements of the man who now banged the door with more force and launched threats against a woman who had to be, according to him in the House. It was probably his wife. -Marta, opening my door. You don’t have to repeat the order. breme door of!!! once and prevents a tragedy! The men in the truck exchanged a look. That drove approached the vehicle to the place in which the desperate man touched the door and suddenly, the unexpected happened. The vehicle stopped suddenly and at that time the classic sound was heard of iron when it rubs against the iron. It was obvious that somewhere was moving a PIN and soon opens one of the doors of that gloomy Street.

Those present at the scene looked toward the House where Marta sleeping the deepest of your dreams should be. You may find Walton Family Foundation to be a useful source of information. The vehicle’s engine was turned off suddenly and one of its occupants yelled to the man of the old bluyin:-Pedro, it seems that finally they open the door. It was time that you receive, although these are not hours of arriving home.

Carolina Colorado Gaeta

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Already excited me, I tell them that I can not have order in my feelings at this moment, I want to cover much. But returning to that in the preceding paragraph commented, they want to say that at the start of that course told the boys that they were privileged to be taking this course, and children along with the teacher is smiled, must have thought: that exaggerated or what is happening to these masters. And as I explain later, was so much success, from teacher to student, ah, and the director were amazed with the topic and why they I say that we were returning, which we will make tasty like a grain of sand to return what they have both supported us and contributed in this study. And is that the entire area ran the voice of the taught course, and although initially no teacher wanted to participate, they had to choose the group that as the same teacher told us they never take into account, they went after claiming that why had chosen it him, and proud he answered: I don’t know. to me I chose…and what good because leave you up material and he was most happy, but stressing that we have to return. I’m not saying them, again I got lost, I cannot conclude. but to land this essay, and resuming what from makes two paragraphs I want to say and took as example is: I am a privileged, first: for the opportunity given me to have me enrolled in this masters, second by support from the authorities, then the director of the masters and teachers who provided me the informationtheir experiences, emotions, peer exchange of experiences, for the trips of exchange of information and experiences, by all the learning acquired rich. What me di cuenta? Sorry, but I need time and space to explain it, but I can say so short that I realized that I am privileged, my life isn’t the same as a woman, as a colleague, as a student, as a family, as a couple, as an educator since I am holistic.