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Functional Foods

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Summary functional Foods is those that beyond exerting basic the nutricionais functions, also will exert beneficial functions the health, preventing and/or minimizing the risk of some illnesses as cancer, osteoporose, cardiovascular accidents, hipertenso, diabetes and colesterolemia. Each functional food has an active principle that the responsible one for the benefits of these foods in the health is considered. The known active principles more are the antirust vitamins (carotenides, acid ascrbico and tocoferol), flavonides or phenolic, acid composites greasy polyunsaturateds (3 Omega and Omega 6), dietary staple fibres, prebiticos and probiticos. The functional foods will only have preventive if consumed effect daily in an feeding balanced rich in fruits, vegetables and grains. Word-key: functional foods. prevention.

INTRODUCTION the world-wide population this with an increasing concern on relation between the feeding and health, all are in longevity search. Therefore to each day new studies appear on foods that it aims at to provide a more healthful life. ‘ ‘ Low the incidence of illnesses in some peoples called the attention for its diet. The eskimos with its feeding based on fish and rich products of the sea in 3 Omega and Omega 6, have low index of cardiac problems, as well as od French consumers of wine tinto. The orientals, had to the soy consumption that contains fitoestrognios, have little cancer of breast.

In these countries, the custom to consume fruits and vegetables also results in a reduction of the risk of coronarianas illnesses and cancer, proven for data epidemiolgico.’ ‘ (ANGEL, 2004, P. 146). ‘ ‘ The functional foods are part of a new food conception launched by Japan in the decade of 80 through a government program that had as objective to develop healthful foods for a population who envelhecia.’ ‘ (COLLI apud ANGEL, 2004, P. 146). ‘ ‘ The term functional foods first was introduced in Japan in middle of years 80 and if it relates to processed foods I contend ingredients that assist especficas functions of the body beyond being nutritivos.

Tips for a Smooth Wedding

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10 important Things that you would have to know and that you would not have to do the day of your wedding! Next we indicated some advice to you important to consider for the great day of your wedding; (1) Felicita to the guests.You do not leave any of your guests, goes away without a personal greeting yours. Recently Yorkville Advisors sought to clarify these questions. They have crossed a long way to be with you in this so special day. You must cause that welcomes feel. (2) Asegrate which everybody knows somebody in the wedding. It feels together to old woman friendly. Asegrate of which your small cousins do not feel out of place in the total room of the adults. Most important, if you have a pair of friendly more than they do not know anybody more present, tomato the time to seat them in a table with people who are amiable and cosy.

(3) Elegir a menu that is complete and pleasant for all. If you are in a diet it does not mean that all the others are it also. It remembers that a part is directed to the good food. It complements a good menu with original wedding presents. (4) Asegrate from which the baths are free and work correctly. There is nothing no worse than to have to use the dirty and obstructed bath.Everybody wants that their wedding, is remembered by the best things and nothing else, reason why I bring this list to them of things, to avoid errors in the preparation of the wedding What you do not have to do in your wedding! (5) a place with little ventilation and suffocating heat.

The latest that we want is that their guests undergo in the wedding or celebration. Aid to maintain the calm, choosing a fresh place and with conditioned air adapted. (6) Mantenga to the guests hoping comfortably. You time are gold and some of them also will be tired. He is rash to be waiting for standing up, when they can be seated calmly in a comfortable waiting room for hoping to that you make a great entrance. (7) a teacher of ceremonies that thinks he is a comedian and soon does not satisfy to anybody. Definitively memorable, but only like a very lamentable spectacle and reason why did not have to remember. (8) a wedding disorganized. Your guests will become bored and tire, hoping the opportunity to go away of your wedding if there is a minimum of organization or no coordination. He controls the wedding details. (9) strange Foods, or an exotic menu.If you try to make an impression to them to have a plate of foreigners in the list of the menu, you will have to consider that everybody they will not appreciate to eat frog haunches, although knows to chicken. Mantn the simple and elegant, but flavorful food. Your guests will thank for it to you. (10) The games that are shameful, or of bad planning. Mantn the contest to eat similar bananas and other games, only for less formal events. He is better not to make no type of games a few selected and to the same have a simple and funny wedding for all. The latest that we want to do is to shame our guests!