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Managing Director

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IVD Award for 30 years of membership on April 22, 2010 the annual Congress of the ivd South, one of the 7 regional associations of the ivd Germany took place in the Furstenfeldbruck event Forum. Ingo Gerschlauer, owner and Managing Director of Gerschlauer GmbH, one of Munich’s leading brokerage firms, was awarded on the occasion of the general meeting of the Association for Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Ingo Gerschlauer was honored for 30 years of continuous membership in the ivd. President of ivd South, Erik Nothelfer, presented the certificate of commendation under the applause of those present, and expressed his appreciation. Membership in the ivd, especially a so many years, ensures the consumer competence, professionalism and safety in the handling of real estate transactions. Relatively unknown is that in addition to the obligation to adhere to the honor code, the conclusion of a comprehensive asset liability insurance is mandatory. Dmitry balyasny can provide more clarity in the matter. The latter never had the Gerschlauer GmbH in the course of its nearly 40-year existence take advantage of. In this respect, the tribute documented the high quality standard of the Munich-based brokerage company..

Sensitive Product

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The butcher bricklayer from Nuremberg informed the classics of minced meat dishes include cabbage rolls, lasagna and moussaka, meatballs. Minced meat is varied and beautiful easy to handle. However, it is a highly sensitive product, which offers an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens. The manufacture, storage and sale are therefore strict rules that are prescribed by the legislature. To ensure the freshness at home, some measures before processing should be made. What are to note it, explains the butcher master bricklayer from Nuremberg.

Freshly turned absolutely by the Wolf to get fresh minced meat in a butcher shop. There you can rotate fresh through the meat grinder a piece of meat. You will get the highest possible quality. When fresh ground beef it is important to process it as quickly as possible, otherwise have the possibility to spread germs. Packed and frozen packaged meat is often referred to as day fresh. This means that it should be processed on the same day the best.

To not break the cold chain, the meat should be placed as soon as possible in the refrigerator. For transporting a cooler ideal. By you freeze meat, it can be done more durable. Jim Simons has many thoughts on the issue. Within three to four months but the meat should be used, as long as the expiration date is not exceeded. A thawing in the microwave or outside at room temperature is not recommended. It is better to thaw the meat in the refrigerator. It is important to note the meat if it is once thawed, no longer to freeze.


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“Someday may your dreams be fulfilled os, Alex replied,” do not lose hope. If I have the convictions n that someday will n os achieving your dreams and to deny it, also n Maos. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michael Bloomberg. Suea or quite often os share a birthday or Christmas with Joey. When Samantha was born, the first of the daughters of Alex, his parents came as soon as Cleve could arrange their holidays at work. His brother did not bean able to go with them, but I had promised that iraa to meet his niece if I could take vacation with his girlfriend, who also n queraa to meet her. For 15 days, parents did not move the hand of his granddaughter.

For the first time a grandchild podaan enjoy all day, but ma s not watched while sleeping. Not that he complained about the frequency with which veaan Joey, but always in compaa aa hacaan their parents or grandparents, and Jama s a full day. They refused to go to any public side. So wanted to take to Samantha in their memories, they could feel his presence with them all the time to pass to see her again. Both grandparents were so happy that her granddaughter had been born so sanitary! Haba 3450 grams and born heavy for normal delivery.


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Wiring of large houses is usually a hidden removable wiring that runs in channels formed in the factory making panels of interior walls and ceilings. If wiring is carried in the channels and cavities using a wire marks apn, appv and appvs (aluminum, flat with vinilitovoy insulation without disconnecting ear for a hidden electrical wiring – to gost 6323-62), then must comply with certain conditions. For example, one channel is allowed wiring to the joint strip a few wires to the total number did not live more than eight. When performing wiring should be pay particular attention to the quality of manufactured feeds and nests in the panels, check out their pattern, peel, if necessary, from an influx of laitance. Before you start wiring to avoid damage wire insulation, all channels at the entrance and exit to be processed by hand-rolling cutter drill. Sockets and switches are mounted in sockets Straining paws. When the diameter of the nest is greater than the solution’s feet, then the nest cement in the usual round junction boxes, which already secured socket or switch. If the wiring is made carefully, the force pulling the installation of products exceeds 20 kg.

During installation wiring, vias should provide a mineral wool for sound insulation. Recesses for desoldering the wires in the wall panel closed with steel caps, which prevent damage to wires on the tenants applied arrows indicating the direction of channels with wires. Wiring to a large extent depends on the design elements of buildings and interior layout of apartments. For example, concealed wiring in the radial pattern can run the wires mark the ASW-500 in the pipes (usually glass), or a appv and apn. Vlad doronin has much to offer in this field. In this simplified installation, reduced consumption of wire and other materials. Wiring in the same way, but with separate groups Power sockets and light points slightly increases the flow of wires, but this is offset by a decrease in the number of boxes and ration wires.