Ornamental Dogs

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This issue is of concern to all owners and breeders of ornamental dogs with white fur like Beaver City, Biro, West Highland White Terrier, Maltese, etc., and below we give practical advice to help us, and hopefully, help you get results. First and foremost, make sure the food you feed your dog, as well as all the food, which she is given as an incentive not contain dyes. Feed a premium is usually not contain dyes. If you give your dog food jar, make sure that there is no pink color, which may well be a confirmation of the presence in the diet of artificial dyes. If you using a variety of biscuits for the dogs as an additional promotion, choose those that have white or very light color.

Second, in many parts of drinking water may be too tight or have high content of iron and other components that are harmful to humans and dogs. Use of such water could lead to the formation of kidney stones. Use purified water from a bottle or a missed filter. In addition, you can use dimensional glass water bottle. In this method of hair on the muzzle your dog will stay dry. 'Untidy and dirty' hair on the muzzle is white dogs from the dog lowers the wet snout in a bowl with water or, conversely, first climbs in the bowl of food, and then pieces of food, connecting with water, stained white coat and make it untidy. And yet, if you'll enjoy drinking fountains, water will not be bacteria to multiply. The next important point.