Photo Negatives Digitizing

Lasting memories in the digital age empty, October 15, 2009 analog and digital photo worlds connect: with the DigiScan TV 2 presented the ELV Elektronik AG a user-friendly solution, the slides and photo negatives to digital file formats transforms. To do this, the device scans pictures without additional computer operation in a resolution up to 1,800 dpi. The scans can save the user directly to an SD / MMC card or transfer the files to the PC. Currently, ELV offers its customers following action: when buying a DigiScan TV 2 in 1 (99.95 euro) purchasers receive in addition a voucher for a CEWE photo book. The customizable photo book gives an appealing part of the digitized images and also offered as individual gift idea. The digitalization of snapshots opens a wide range of new opportunities by viewing on the PC, TV, or projector via the editing on the computer to the shipping email. A related site: Mehmet Oz mentions similar findings. The DigiScan TV 2 in 1 delivers high-quality scans and saves Snapshots or holiday memories in the digital age. Photos and slides can thus no longer be lost by yellowing or scratching.

The digital scanner by ELV works on the following principle: the user sets the image material in the appropriate slide or negative holder. A magnetic clasp prevents slipping of the photos here. In addition, the DigiScan TV 2 in 1 has a special feeder for negative role. At the push of a button the device scans within the images by seconds. Direct control of the collected material, as well as the editing by rotating or flipping the features integrated 2.4 \”-TFT screen. A special advantage is the PC independent operation of the product: scanning, image playback or first image processing and storage occur without additional computer operation.