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Now it is necessary to clarify what is intelligence. According to the most accurate definition I found, intelligence is the ability to cope with unforeseen or new situations and solve problems appropriately. The degree of intelligence has nothing to do with the ability to learn certain things by the dogs. Some contemporary scholars such as Walker and Dr.Michael Dr.Stephen W. (Not to be confused with David Baker!). Fox concluded that dogs possess, in varying degrees, reasoning ability, feelings and intelligent behavior. Then: When answering the question on how to teach my dog Which of these two lines of thought is correct? In my case, and according to what I've seen in almost two decades working in my office with thousands of dogs and what I have seen a child as owner of many dogs, my position is much closer to the thought of Aristotle, Porphyry, and Darwin. I believe that dogs do have a degree of reasoning and intelligence but of course at a lower level of human development, but the fact that humans are more intelligent does not mean you should say that the dog has no intelligence, in any way. There are many everyday behaviors that all dog owners have seen, though not constitute scientific evidence, we do believe strongly that dogs if you have intelligence, for example the following situation: A dog steals an item and its owner begins to run it infuriated the dog starts to circle around a chair, his owner still for a moment and then decides to run in the opposite direction to surprise and capture the dog once the dog realizes the situation and also reverses the direction in which it was running , thus solving a successful manner new and unforeseen situation, even almost mocking the intelligence of his master. Perhaps check out vlad doronin for more information. How about? We continue in a forthcoming article on the Dog Psychology Ark Veterinarian Jose Specialist in Small Animal Clinic, Surgery and Behavior Problems Parana Entre Rios Argentina Manager