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The IMPORTANCE OF the MARKS FOR the MARKETING STRATEGIES This chapter has as objective to argue the creation strategies and consolidation of marks in the market, this form, approaches subjects related the values and perceptions of the mark, as well as an administration and management on its maintenance, contributing still for an expansion of the concepts and meanings that must be attempted against for the best exploration of the same one. 4,1 CONCEPTS According to Philip Kotler (1998), the mark is a name, term, signal, symbol or combination of the same ones, that it has the intention to identify to good or services of a salesman or group of salesmen and to differentiate them of the competitors. Aaker (1998) affirms that the people tend to buy a known mark, therefore is felt comfortable with what them it is familiar, trustworthy and has good quality. A recognized mark will be, thus, frequent selected ahead of another stranger. To construct this affinity, the necessary organization to focar in the development of asset qualification.

An asset is something that the company possesss, as the name of a mark or point of sales, superior to the one of that one of the competition. The qualification says respect what the company makes that its competitors better, as the propaganda or the efficient manufacture. These agreed factors take to an extraordinary valuation of the mark as main element differentiator between the products and services and gain importance because the consumer loans value to it for the security that of the one to decide to it, of the best possible form, the equation quality/price/time. (SAMPAIO, 1999). The mark loans value to the product because it brings in itself a description of its relation with the consumer, of the good experiences that it had with that product in terms of good quality gotten with the use of its time and money, of meanings and reconhecimentos that provided it to the mark, as described to follow. Get more background information with materials from Steven Holl.