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Do You Have The Life You Want?

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Do you think the life you want? How did you had imagined? What separates you from your dreams? What are your wishes? If you belong to that huge group of people who ignore what you want in this life, Congratulations! ‘ve Taken your first step. Now just keep moving forward. The next step is asking the right questions: What areas of my life are not satisfactory? What I want to change or improve? Why do I want? What is it that these changes bring to my life? Are they really beneficial for me and everyone else around me? Ahead with a powerful and useful tool. My wish list for when you’re done you’ll have in your hands the first step to controlling your life, you know to where to go. You’ll be happy and motivated, this tool will not let you stick to your chosen course. Let us examine the process: Choose a suitable place in which to feel comfortable and calm.

Make a list in which appear thirty of your desires. Rubio understands that this is vital information. Do not worry if they all do not come to you so as smooth as you thought. I can assure you that this small effort will be pleasantly rewarded. Divide into groups of ten, and make it into three categories: In the short term or immediate, ie they prioritize those desires in your life, and be able to see embodied in a period of one to three years. In the medium term, this will put those who want to prioritize in an estimated three to six years. In the long run, and finally placed in this category ten desires that are possible within a period of more than six years. After you have completed your list, choose your top ten wishes and arrange them by their importance to you, one being the most important immediate desire.

Make sure now that all your desires are really aligned with your deepest purposes, are in harmony with those values you most appreciate. Please note that if your desires are not supported by what we most love, be weak and misleading. A medium or short term, will have nothing to offer … You finished? Do you have your list ready? Congratulations! The first step to know the way to which you should go is to have prioritized what you see in it. What is your next step? Once prioritized your desires, drawing up a second list. Add next to your most important wish what is the limit for him and what made the first of your steps. Get a commitment to you. Do not allow yourself to invade more excuses any longer. Add a date and the first step! Take responsibility for your life. If you are not willing to build your future Who could do it for you? .