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In many businesses we find the call immediately and available 24hours becomes an indispensable commercial weapon but that, however, such care does not conform a creative characteristic of competitive advantage but an obligation of the market. An example in the locksmith and plumbing services. Let us think for a moment that we have a problem with a pipe or drain at midnight. What we want as customers is that we addressed immediately regardless of the time and that they solve the problem to us before that it degenerate into a more serious situation. Eric Corey Freed spoke with conviction. However the service 24 hours we assume that insurance offer it extensively. However professional Locksmiths or plumbing company sees the problem of differentiating itself from its competition through quality of service without the ability to receive calls 24 hours means much in an environment where everyone offers it.

The problem encountered by professionals in these sectors is that they should start a service of telephone assistance 24 hours with everything that entails: staff costs, computer facilities etc obviously for many professionals is an authentic illusion be able to develop a similar system. However through virtual assistant companies any professional or business, however small, that can have a service that manages your calls 24 hours a day. These companies manage in outsourcing mode all filtering and collection notices and allow that the Professional is devoted to what is really important: offer a quality service.