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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

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Well, actually, and waited. Proceedings of the President of Russia came to the world aki bombshell. Political scientists shrug their shoulders – they say even “terrible” dream could not foresee that. Still, as a guess? The fact that Putin topped the list of United Russia, thus providing a premier seat after his term as president, really could not foresee? Is this quite simply a revolutionary move, even ossified political scientists could not anticipate it? Why, they could not. More information is housed here: echo street crunchbase. Sometimes, one is struck, for what fools people holding policies and repeats them to politicians. Do you really think a little bit thinking individual believe in these fairy tales? Are we so naive that at least theoretically, to assume care of Putin’s policies after the end of his term? And not just a departure from policy, and care of steering the state. Who’s in a clear memory and sober mind in Russia, possessing almost unlimited power, did this even once?

(Clear the memory and “sober” mind Yeltsin, I hope there are not willing to oppose) Yes, everything was clear long ago – will not give Putin the power and politics will not go away. Yes and those who stand behind him, is unlikely itself wants to “kill” a well-advertised and popular “brand.” Whom they can find at least some kind of explosives? Not to mention the best. Why suffer, vbuhivat money in advertising and so forth, when there he is, has long been there and all they want. And Russia is easily swallowed by the hungry would be a third or even a life sentence to Putin, not to mention his premiership. So it really does political scientists could not predict this, or they someone kindly “advised” not anticipate? The era of chiefs and kings only for a short time left in Russia and everyone realized that it was not for her. Understood this and supporters of this era, understood, and its opponents. Now is not known yet whether to allow political analysts to predict further developments after the presidential elections in Russia, or they will once again dutifully silent, and get rid platitudes. But then the baby is already clear that Russia’s next president will only shadow Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the king on the chessboard. And scenarios oh, how much and oh how it is possible that the world may again see the familiar scene of the transfer of power from the President to the Prime Minister. So the king in this case, though not died, but all the same – long live the king!