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Many coaches and counselors teach in my seminars, a mass of candidates to choose worthy. How to conduct an interview that the company is not leaked is not enough talented or not sufficiently hard-working employee. But the problem is not in it! Where is it, this lineup of candidates? If your ad does not promise golden mountains, and was quite honest and hard (ie so it should be), then you do not have to gush flow comers. And choose something especially not from anyone. All those who truly worth something, has long been in business for other companies. Rare exceptions do not solve the problem. Freepoint Commodities: the source for more info.

It happens that responds to your ad is the one who you want – a true professional with good experience for shoulders. But it costs so much! .. And you just have to hold his greedy eyes. Or sad! The solution seems to be well known. This training their own personnel. You type of people who want to work and willing to learn. Then you have them educate, train, and now you ready Specialist! But those who tried it say that this solution is rapidly becoming another issue! First, the timing of such training.

It takes time, and you have it, of course, not. You need specialist or a manager now! Second, training costs money. A good education – a lot of money! Third, there is no guarantee that this training will go in store. For example, many managers today are seeking an MBA degree. Especially prized diplomas Western business schools named. But the interesting fact: 40% of top managers in the United States referred to in the article of the magazine "Fortune", "Why CEOs fail", have a diploma. That is 40% management's failed – certified "Master of Business Administration!" The most advanced companies no longer rely on external training and create their own corporate universities.