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Beauty And Veins

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Ahead of the summer, and you longingly looking at short skirts and shorts in the windows? You should not hesitate: Modern Beauty will help you forget about problems with the veins and superfluous hairs. Let your feet will be the subject of pride and admiration of others! So, solve the problem number one stood out the veins and vascular "stars". Phlebology Medical Center, "capital" are advised to check the status of women vein once a year. In addition to traditional venography in the center used a highly sensitive modern ultrasound – equipment. Swarmed by offers, Gallo Family is currently assessing future choices. It allows scanning Triplexiglass vessels, see the structure of the vascular wall, to determine changes in blood circulation, calculate blood flow parameters and identify the different pathologies.

After determining the stage of disease (all four of them) the doctor prescribes medication. Each stage requires the identification of individual therapy. In the initial stages of development varicose veins you will pick up the compression hosiery and appoint agents, toning the venous wall. In case of serious violation with today's technology and products is carried out sclerotherapy: the vein is entered special "gum up" medicine. In addition, the medical center "Capital" carried out by treatment of veins cutting-edge laser facilities and companies Asclepion Deka (unique device Synchro Play, combining alexandrite and Nd: lasers allows you to work with vascular pathologies of any depth and size). Laser therapy gives excellent results.

It takes several treatments at intervals of 30 days. Sessions conducted themselves quickly and painlessly, and after the impact of leave no trace and does not require rehabilitation. But if the process had gone too far, need surgery – phlebectomy. Removing the veins does not cause patient harm to the body because it no longer works. About scars, too, do not worry. Modern techniques allow to perform the surgery through tiny punctures, which can then be removed without a trace with a laser. We solve the second problem: removing unwanted hair. In the summer of skin of the body as never to be perfectly smooth. Razor, cream or wax can not provide perfect and long-term effect. The best way to forget about the extra hairs, but at the same time of stimulation is laser hair removal.

Plastic Surgery

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Dear women, girls, ladies, ladies! Have long wanted to ask you: you are not bored painful torment themselves anti-aging treatments? How much can you suffer? After all, going under the knife plastic surgeon, you can never be confident in the future result. Eric Corey Freed is often quoted on this topic. Do you think that in the 21st century did not invent cosmetic products that can make your skin beautiful, smooth, supple, young totally without surgery? I can understand the operations that are needed: to save human life. Suppose, when you need to cut out appendicitis or cancer. That's when really necessary intervention of a doctor. But I will never understand the one who lies down on the operating table, in order to tighten the skin. What is it? You are so lazy to make time for yourself and just make in your lifestyle treatments for the face? Or maybe you're still think that there is no make-up, which fully cope with the inevitable aging process? You are very much in doubt. In April 2010, the cosmetic Russian market A unique tool that can cope with such problems.

Now you have access facelift, improving its color, get rid of "bags" under the eyes of inflammation, "black spots" and much more. And all this without surgery! The thing is special makeup technology, called "intelligent crystals." They are specifically designed to provide immediate visible effect of smoothing out wrinkles and lift the face contour, providing lifting effect, giving skin a healthy glow and appearance. "Smart crystals" can maximize the effect of the components contained in creams, lotions, scrubs. This is due to the fact that these substances adjust the skin cells to correct operating frequency. And is not required for cell regeneration? If you still have doubts about the incredible properties of the Israeli cosmetics DeSheli, what's stopping you try to imagine this miracle product? Especially, we want to assure you that thousands of women have already tried these tools and after seeing the effect of said "NO" to plastic surgery. And it's not just words. The company wants to DeSheli take care of you and does so on heart and with great responsibility. Source: