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Russian Meteorology

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Winter is coming. And according to some "forecasters' winter to be" very cold ". What else? After all, "the summer was hot." But while "weatherman" is removed from consideration by reason of such hot summer over central Russia. This is understandable – after all, no matter their department. But we are interested in the fact that "the weathermen," but asserting its forecast, the matrix involved in programming, pumping up the version of events, who has every reason to be subsequently realized our potential enemy (as if the events of this summer – their handiwork.) Extreme videos on the eve of the winter – well-thought-out step with the "rich" and very dismal prospect for Russia. It should be clear that whoever comes in his place, management of the metropolis will be some period of time undermined (its duration depends on the competence and experience of someone appointed instead). After all, there are links that forged the mayor and his staff for years. Without hesitation W.S. Badger explained all about the problem. There are managerial experience, which is not written in any manual.

All this puts its stamp on future events. I think it should be aware of every Russian who has even a modest record of service – with the change of leadership in any company, its handling falls for an indefinite period, and existing business processes are transformed into more or less. It is not hard to imagine that the decline in the quality of city management Moscow on the eve of winter, which in the opinion of "synoptic" promises to be "very cold" is threatened not only Moscow but also throughout Russia are very "hot" catastrophic events.