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Distance Factor

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Something very important in martial arts undoubtedly is the distance, many times have not played in the field martial that tell us who dominates the distance dominates the fight, then we will show 4 important points together with a brief explanation of the same that could be very interesting. 1) Distance 2) inside the distance force 3) Center of the distance 4) body body strength of the distance: it is when we have a considerable distance between us and our opponent, but the latent condition that through a displacement or deep movement can reach our distance and attack us. Within distance: This is when we have a distance of one or two steps with respect to our opponent and gives us the pattern of receiving or attacking. Center distance: Is when the distance is already void and lies a situation of shock or exchange of blows which we are already in a time critical. Melee: is when develops in an area of holds against holds either the so-called floor fight, regularly this fourth stage always It breaks down in the third. It is important to note that no matter which system of combat is handled either rudimentary or sophisticated any methodical scheme in combat always encloses a concept of distance which is predominada in these four points. Know and anticipate you in every movement can enclose a great advantage so our opponent with just having this concept and have him present. Escuela de Artes Marciales Kobra Kai Kenpo Master Mauricio Mendoza CN 5 – Dan original author and source of the article