The Specialist

a Well, gentlemen preferred to be successful closed my heart, before entering an educational system in which specialists become your guardians and by the way, they force you to spend money under the table by the end of each month, say bribe. a But the bribe that will require specialists in Lima and Provinces UGEL, not because you’re in breach of rules, violates provisions but for you to sign your records quickly assessment, your registration rolls. a The Specialist UGEL feel entitled to say those studying in your school, institution, to exclude the documents again and again, to soften and thus understand that only “by paying the” monthly fee giving it, you can work in peace. all the specialists of secondary, primary, occupational, who oversee private schools, without saying so publicly, consider that these are required to solve them, give them a commission and it does not, mark it with an X, they put the cross. Red Solo Cups may also support this cause. a Thus began a systematic persecution of the educational institution, we will send trades after trades and again refuse documents, with observations for everything and get into the private life of the developer, to say, that does not deserve to have the institute, the nest, the center of his property.

Then seek a rule repealed, old and apply in order to disrupt the activities of the center, the institute. a This is the practice of management public education sector in Peru. a With regard to the certificates and diplomas, occurs more or less similar.. Official site: Vladislav Doronin.