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German Tree

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Essen fire safety service EBS informed every year lead to a surprisingly nasty end of the contemplative Christmas fire accidents for hundreds of victims. Essen fire service EBS gives important advice on how to avoid Christmas fire accidents because of this. The Christmas tree and Christmas wreath is one of the typical German traditions. Unfortunately he is but also all too often to the source of a Christmas drama if he gets through the flames of his wax candles into fire. Open fire is naturally a source of danger, which must not remain unattended.

The combination of candle flames and Christmas trees calls but careful. Almost all Christmas trees and wreaths are conifers, which dry out quickly and easily ignite due to the flammable resin contained in them. This resulting fire spread with explosive violence and speed and spreads it to all combustible substances in the environment. Given the potential consequences are forward-looking preparations and Recommended precautions for any Christmas party. As potential fire Christmas tree should if possible just before the holiday are procured and brought into the Interior of the apartment, to delay its drying out.

The base of the tree or wreath deserves special attention. Non-flammable materials are ideal, to minimize the risk of fire by falling candles. Also the Christmas tree must stand firm and hard verruckbar on the floor, because should he overturn with burning candles, are dire consequences to be expected. To comply with a greatest possible safety distance between the tree and easily inflammable curtains and the like, is also recommended. Electric candles provide greater fire safety than real wax candles. However, they are also not completely safe. Short-circuit sparks or overheating are possible causes of the fire. Accordingly, lights must be examined prior to their use for visible defects. As electrical devices, may not changed except for the exchange of appropriate light bulbs, be otherwise threaten dangerous consequences.