Balboa Corner


looked so we did the Exchange and I started pouncing; but open the black bag I discovered that they were not my documents, which were old papers, damaged ID, without photo, i.e. it had bought trash. When he chewed my anger, I received a call to the cell phone, took the opportunity to shout them, even asked me you bring me and go to the corner of Balboa and Eguren and ask for the flying cat that he would give me stolen by the already agreed price. Fui!, he was outraged he was willing to everything, type after you deny twice, it appeared, asked me the silver, I asked the merca, hand went hand recovering stolen, Chau doctor, see you soon! was his farewell; I came out of that corner and outside there were people buying vegetables, fish, two PNP patrolled on foot, there were 3 in the afternoon; while later commented with some colleagues and many they had similar stories, all had been derived to the 7th block Jr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Marco Rubio. Pedro Muniz, opposite the shop my Clarita (this signal same thieves give it) and hence derive them to the corner of Balboa and Eguren (in the wholesale market of Palermo). Santiago Genoves (international peace prize) had said that the violence (in all its forms) is man’s creation and bad fruit of coexistence, is human invention and with human initiative can stop all kinds of crime, se can install cameras, infiltrating agents, paid informants, etc. in the above-mentioned places is flower and urban crime of Trujillo cream! that night I slept thinking that if Martin Luther King were alive I would have congratulated, because all this fray had refrained me from all kinds of violent response, both fist, as Word and heart. Original author and source of the article. For more information see this site: rebecca shaw yale.