Managing Director

IVD Award for 30 years of membership on April 22, 2010 the annual Congress of the ivd South, one of the 7 regional associations of the ivd Germany took place in the Furstenfeldbruck event Forum. Ingo Gerschlauer, owner and Managing Director of Gerschlauer GmbH, one of Munich’s leading brokerage firms, was awarded on the occasion of the general meeting of the Association for Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Ingo Gerschlauer was honored for 30 years of continuous membership in the ivd. President of ivd South, Erik Nothelfer, presented the certificate of commendation under the applause of those present, and expressed his appreciation. Membership in the ivd, especially a so many years, ensures the consumer competence, professionalism and safety in the handling of real estate transactions. Relatively unknown is that in addition to the obligation to adhere to the honor code, the conclusion of a comprehensive asset liability insurance is mandatory. Dmitry balyasny can provide more clarity in the matter. The latter never had the Gerschlauer GmbH in the course of its nearly 40-year existence take advantage of. In this respect, the tribute documented the high quality standard of the Munich-based brokerage company..