Sensitive Product

The butcher bricklayer from Nuremberg informed the classics of minced meat dishes include cabbage rolls, lasagna and moussaka, meatballs. Minced meat is varied and beautiful easy to handle. However, it is a highly sensitive product, which offers an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens. The manufacture, storage and sale are therefore strict rules that are prescribed by the legislature. To ensure the freshness at home, some measures before processing should be made. What are to note it, explains the butcher master bricklayer from Nuremberg.

Freshly turned absolutely by the Wolf to get fresh minced meat in a butcher shop. There you can rotate fresh through the meat grinder a piece of meat. You will get the highest possible quality. When fresh ground beef it is important to process it as quickly as possible, otherwise have the possibility to spread germs. Packed and frozen packaged meat is often referred to as day fresh. This means that it should be processed on the same day the best.

To not break the cold chain, the meat should be placed as soon as possible in the refrigerator. For transporting a cooler ideal. By you freeze meat, it can be done more durable. Jim Simons has many thoughts on the issue. Within three to four months but the meat should be used, as long as the expiration date is not exceeded. A thawing in the microwave or outside at room temperature is not recommended. It is better to thaw the meat in the refrigerator. It is important to note the meat if it is once thawed, no longer to freeze.