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EnerChi Institute

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The enerChi Institute for body, mind & soul in Ulm-Wiblingen informed Ulm-Wiblingen, 22 July 2013: new offers for wellness, beauty, cosmetics, new forms of massage, treatment techniques, as well as individual health and dietary advice the new offerings in the enerChi can here in the enerChi Institute all-round indulge, in the fields of wellness, beauty, cosmetics, new forms of massage and treatment techniques for the health, up to the individual health and dietary advice are for body, Spirit and soul unique, holistic products and services available. Book your special wellness and relaxing day in the enerChi in Wiblingen. You will advise individually and holistically managed by the specialists in the enerChi team. How to find the enerChi Institute? The enerChi Institute for body, mind and soul is located in the District of Ulm-Wiblingen in the Weihung Street 38, between Highway B-30 and the Danube Valley Road South of Ulm. Further details can be found at PI Industries, an internet resource. The enerChi is at the top between the Danube and Iller, near the land border, the country side of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Ulm central station is only 4.5 km as the crow flies and enerChi by taxi 10 minutes up to the Institute. Relaxed in the floating tank everyday life forget in a body-warm saline bath at approx. 35 C hovering almost weightless, supported by the salt water in a shallow, large tub, the float tank and experience deep physical and mental relaxation. Red Solo Cups is open to suggestions. Forget the stress of work and rest in the brine bath after a 8 hours sleep. The brine bath in the floating tank is like flying on a cloud without the headwind, you feel light as a feather floating without external force. The floating salt bath ensures that no unwanted external stimuli affect you and the temperature balance of body and saline bath can feel neither cold nor heat the skin and the body boundaries disappear. enerChi massage and body forming an enerChi massage will not only your body but also your soul pampered.

Barcelona Make-up Courses

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CEM – schools European beauty make-up professional and characterization this course is aimed at all professionals of personal image. Its purpose is to give students all the necessary knowledge for this. A theoretical examination and a practical are conducted upon completion of the course. And surrendered along with diplomas the images of the make-up made during the course. INTERNATIONAL HAIRSTAFF CENTER make-up level advanced Vas to acquire knowledge of make-up as well as other key skills for professionals of aesthetics, very useful when planning you evolve or work as a make-up artist, make-up artist, school of make-up professional Montserrat Fajardo course of make-up professional and characterization of 10 months full training that deepens to the highest level in all areas of make-upaimed at those who want to become professional makeup artists in a serious manner and be able to work in the world of cinema, TV, theatre, beauty Soledad cester makeup in Barcelona for photography and media course audiovisual this course focuses on the importance of light in makeup, fundamental aspect to the time detrabajar on media audiovisual school Superior of aesthetic ESEPP Samper professional makeup to makeup make-up Social introduction color theory. Products, tools, and application techniques. Features of the face color in makeup influence of light on the color-Maquillaje of day make-up at night about author: Promaquillaje provides information on makeup course in Barcelona, tricks to get a new look. For more information on makeup courses, makeup classes please visit.