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Xeno Browser Game: Endgame

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Evolution vault for their announces final game browser game Xeno June 10, 2010 evolution vault, developer of free browser games Xeno and Asgard heroes, revealed today the ‘end game’ scenario for the first mentioned. The ravenous Asgardians came from a distant, parallel dimension, to invade the unsuspecting Xen cluster. You may find that Davidson Kempner can contribute to your knowledge. The first eight Amal of colonies are self-sustaining space fortress, but their defending forces are depleting and can be conquered by players like you and me. However last Amara outpost, is the capital city of the alien gods and is invincible to US mere mortals. Mark Angelo Yorkville recognizes the significance of this. Your task, in order to win the game and become a true hero of Asgard, would be to over power one of the eight alien worlds, and then to upgrade the evil Warp to level 100 “this what something we had in mind for a long time, said Radu Soldan, CEO of evolution Vault.

Conquering the new colonies will require a lot of work from players and then a sustained effort to defend it against rival alliances. The price for victory is high, but so are the rewards, “added the developer of browser games. ABOUT XENO ONLINE within Xeno, the free browser-based game with more than 15,000 registered players, you fight for glory and fame. You can engage into a large-scale was with one of the two races available in the game. Start as a commander of a small orbital base and rise to become the Supreme ruler of the galaxy. Begin your company of conquest aside Sargon the Empire, the greatest civilization known to men or defend the Terrans, descendants of the twelve colonies. GAME FEATURES No.

downloads necessary and free to play forever; Forge alliances, trade, attack and invade the weak; Control thousands of space ships in your browser; Play whenever you want, from wherever you want. Choose one side and build your legend! If you’re one of those people who still enjoy playing online browser games, Xeno will give you that and so much more. Get a taste of what is like to be a feared chivalrous warlord! Register now to start playing immediately Xeno, the free browser game, by going here: ABOUT EVOLUTION VAULT evolution Vault what established in October 2005 as at independent developer of computer games. Today, evolution Vault is expanding its territory towards free browser games with Xeno and Asgard heroes, while focusing in providing a consistent gaming environment for players worldwide.