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Jean Paul Bondeaux

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Mendoza is a city with a strategic location in the South Cone. Its proximity with the Republic of Chile, and its proximity to the most important international steps that cross the cordillera of the Andes do that this city has become a step forced for all traffic that is carried out in the Mendoza region between Argentina and Chile. For this reason, the city has been able to interpret the need to create an infrastructure that accompanies the important economic growth brings with it this point reference for international transport situation. Consequently, the Mendoza Capital hotels have experienced a sustained growth in recent years, partly as a result of a State policy that has decided to accompany the development of tourism as one of the main industries of the province, and in part by the amount of investment from the private sector aimed at improving services and benefits. Many hotels have been created in recent years in the city of Mendoza, some of them of great category. An example of accommodation in Mendoza’s top category is the Diplomatic Hotel. It has big comparative advantages that put you in a prominent place in the local hospitality scene. At the junction of the traditional streets of Sarmiento and Belgrano, he located a few blocks of the Mall and city business. Details can be found by clicking Bezos or emailing the administrator.

You also can access the main arteries by what el Plumerillo airport is only a few minutes from here. The Diplomatic offers a wide range of services, especially designed for tourists who want to know the best of Mendoza City, as well as executives who are in need of visiting this city for labour issues. Thus the Diplomatic is much more than a hotel in Mendoza, it could be said that it is a full service center intended to make the experience of stay the maximum benefit and enjoyment. To begin with, those who love the good eating and quality wines, you will find in the restaurant La Bourgogne a site where you can enjoy the most representative of the cuisine dishes local, conjugated with the best of international and Mediterranean cuisine. La Bourgogne is in charge of Jean Paul Bondeaux, chef of a vast experience in different resorts and five star hotels in the world. Do not miss the Diplomatic Hotel in his upcoming trip, the hotel of superior category Mendoza. In it you will find a professional staff dedicated to making your stay in this beautiful city an unforgettable experience.