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State Patent Office

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Patent is a document certifying the right of authorship. Patent in the translation from Latin. If you would like to know more then you should visit echo street capital . brevet means the right to the patent owner to use the utility model, invention. "Patent" – a natural or legal person who has a patent for utility model, industrial design, invention. A patent is granted by any public authority in accordance with the laws of the country. Term of a patent depends on the type of object patenting and can range from 8 to 20 years.

Patent for utility model "patent for utility model" – a document certifying authorship, priority, and the exclusive right to use the utility model, and given to the author or to his employer by the Patent Office after the filing of the application for the grant of the certificate. Design patent, "an industrial design patent" – a document which confirms the right of the patent owner to industrial design, issued by the State Patent Office of the Russian Federation. The patent for the trademark "The patent for the trademark" – a document certifying the registration of the trademark right patent trademark in respect of goods and services specified in the certificate. Examination of technical objects in the infringement With the introduction into civilian circulation of new products and expanding the boundaries of implementation of technical objects in the country and abroad there is a risk patent infringement of the exclusive rights belonging to third parties. Examination of the patent purity allows us to determine whether object technology to be used freely in this country or not. .