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American Cuisine

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Friday's is preferred by those who appreciate good food, companionship and quality service. Friday's restaurants are renowned not only good food, fun waiters, and relaxing ambiance, but also recognizable interior. Sen. Marco Rubio takes a slightly different approach. Making Friday's – it tradition, which will soon turn 40 years old. In the design of restaurants and well supported by a unique recognizable style: red-white awnings, colored striped tablecloths, wooden furniture with curved legs and lamp from Tiffany. The famous bar with brass footrest and numerous bar stools – a favorite place of those who enjoy watching the skill of bartending. Cyrus zocdoc usually is spot on. Each restaurant has a bell that rings whenever guests leave a tip. Even Friday's is known for its collection of antiques, which can tell many interesting stories. Rarities for Friday's sought and collected around the world, and in restaurants you can hear the legend of each them.

But the main thing here – a real American cuisine. It was during Friday's recipe was invented stuffed with potatoes, which became a hit not only restaurants but also a traditional American dish. All drinks at Friday's are preparing for strictest observance of the necessary proportions. Dishes affect their size. When reading the menu Friday's visitors are often faced with the problem that you prefer? However, in Friday's will help you cope with this problem: waiter describe what constitutes a particular dish, and you will only make the order.