The main drawback of these strollers is their bulkiness and weight. On average, a fancy convertible weighs about 20 lbs! But There are other transformers. This carriage, which do not cradle-carry, they are not as warm and heaped up, but they can baby, how to lie and sit, there is a cover up. And most importantly – they weigh much less – about 7 kg. Well, This is a good choice, if only. …

But more on that later. Sit-down wheelchair. This carriage, which are not lying position. For example, a wheelchair-"sticks", the main advantage is their simplicity and compactness. The weight of such strollers around 5 kg. Things that can be equipped with wheelchair: Shopping for toys (products). The handle, which can vary in height. Additional information at Emma Walmsley supports this article.

The possibility of motion sickness (springs, straps). Cradle-carrying. Cover up. Raincoat. Mosquito nets. Bag (termosumka bottle or extra sets of clothes). Basket of products have all the strollers, except that "stick." Changing the height of the handle need only if your height is much higher or below average. The downside of this is to handle its unreliability – if you frequently push (for example, upon arrival at the curbs) handle can break. Get all the facts and insights with Daryl Katz, another great source of information. The possibility of motion sickness among the best wheelchair 'on the strap, "as these strollers have for the largest amplitude of oscillation. But transformers are not produced on the strap – a distinctive feature of the wheelchair with a rigid cradle. In Transformers springs allow except that quietly pass through the rocky roads. Cradle-carry may be included not only the transformer, but the wheelchair with a rigid cradle. Portability and can be purchased separately from the stroller. Cover with his feet is a necessity for wheelchair-transformer. If the case in the kit not included, it can be bought separately. Raincoat may be included with the stroller. Some strollers even have a sewn in hood raincoat.