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Young Mom Tips

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The child is afraid of any sounds, screams it. The emergence of a new family member often causes changes in the house. Sometimes after returning from the hospital it turns out that it is necessary to nail somewhere new shelf, re- son jerked awake and started to cry when someone rustled kulechkom. Learn more at: Jeff Bezos. I could not safely get butter or cheese from the bag and make yourself a sandwich, so it does not wake the child.

But after I gave the child empty bag of play and rustled myself, half my problems resolved – my son was listening, but not frightened and did not cry. The child cries for a long time for no apparent reason. Follow others, such as Ryan Holmes, and add to your knowledge base. To start bathe him, wash all the places where may itch, then apply baby cream or sprinkle baby powder folds of skin, folds arms, legs, neck, behind ears, etc. If that fails, then gently press your fingers bottom tummy: feel like walking inside bubbles of gases bubbling in tummy or belly is very tight? Do the following exercise: bend a few times your child’s feet, clutching her knees to her stomach, and then alternate with circular strokes for tummy time wise, gentle pressure to the lower abdomen. Continuing this exercise, perhaps about an hour, you will get the maximum yield of gas in the child and stool.

Tummy child ceases to be an elastic ball, baby stop crying from any contact with the tummy. Then again podmoyte baby, grease the cream and feed. After this procedure the first time my baby slept for six hours without waking up. Most importantly, do not spare the time for it, not hurry? do an enema unless absolutely necessary. This can lead to a habit, and the child does not want himself to sulk and try to empty. You’re sitting at midnight with a baby, you always pass your nerves, you can not sleep and it seems that this horror will never end, your relatives say they will continue to be only more complicated. First of all, believe me, it’s all temporary, eventually the child learns to himself for a time entertained. Secondly, not crazy. The child, clinging to your chest, hears the sound of your heart and with you nervous, could not sleep for a long time or a quiet calm rhythm of the heartbeat. even if you have an unbalanced character, you still come to your nerves, by the way, will also be quieter. If you have a need to go for a few days to visit with her baby, there are some very important points (from experience). With a small child about to sick – I know from bitter experience. In order not to take risks, be sure to buy tickets to the compartment car, which will not be heard no voices, and will be able to put the child in the seat and play with him the whole way. On the Road to Take a new location near the baby diapers hang with the usual pattern. In the road necessarily need to go to someone else. Help the satellite will just need to get out of the bag right thing, to throw out trash, change clothes child. In advance, make a list of necessary baby things, objects of child care and medicines to the last moment not to forget them. Source.