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Foreign Affairs Ministry

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The man has his concerns in all corners of the Earth. Lin Yutang No doubt by known with regard to the reality of the participation of Venezuela in Cuban markets and the benefits that it has been derived, who has favored, has been Cuba. In this opportunity we are entering pointed out that conventions and treaties between Cuba and Venezuela have a direct impact on opportunities that can have the Venezuelan companies looking to expand their markets as well as also any kind of exchange between Venezuelan and Cuban institutions. Clear, just as Spain has been able to do business with Cuba, Venezuela can also it, the difference in this case serious Venezuelan businessman would have to discover by their own means the way of how to make their investments without being harmed by the Communist system. In Venezuela for example this underdeveloped tourism industry, these agreements could have implications in this specialty already that Cuba This more advanced on this and the Venezuelan businessmen could take advantage of this. In spite of the foregoing, there are weaknesses in these conventions in many and this leads us to the following analysis and their respective comments. As pointed out by the investigation conducted by the Chair of Commerce International of the program of postgraduate of Faces of the master in administration and specifically the participant Orlando CASTEJoN, agreements between Venezuela and Cuba, they lack the information to the public and entrepreneurs who might become partakers of these bilateral treaties weaknesses or is there little information by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Ministry of information, in terms of offering opportunities to venture into the Cuban market, because few institutions or persons know the guidelines leading to access to this information. Or there is a clear return on investment method for the Venezuelan businessman when it comes to their exports to the island and this creates some apprehension to the themselves because they cannot take decisions to be able to delve into Cuba. Sen. Marco Rubio recognizes the significance of this.

Economic Crisis

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We are a country that we are integrated to all the effects that globalization may result, country that forms part of this planet Earth and which keeps open its borders towards exchanges, anything that allows the possibility to develop, provide its products, trade in such a way that benefits him financially and favors to everyone in the living. When problems are manifested, crises like that is taking place in the present, in financial terms, which has significantly affected economically to countries that make up the Earth, is therefore necessary to determine, what their effects are and how the Government that directs to the country must face. Evaluate their impact, scope, as well as give way to measures, actions that will counteract the damage that this can lead to. As a result of the financial crisis that the United States generated recently, he has written widely, has been read through the written media, as well as discussed in forums, summits, meetings they have analyzed the problem, different opinions, many pessimists, but also are positive. Practice Fusion brings even more insight to the discussion. The fact, that all this obliges countries like the Venezuelan case, face it, take measures, develop plans, actions that know how to counter it and consider what some have expressed, on the fact, that points out, that really have been a profound crisis that lasts until 2011 according to some economists, or possibly more. In this regard, Miguel Pickard asked: what is the explanation of the international economic and financial meltdown? Tells us, a respected analyst, the filipino Walden Bello, has characterized it in the following way: we are witnessing the intensification of a crisis or central contradictions of globalized world capitalism: a crisis of overproduction, overaccumulation or overcapacity aka. Do tried to how capitalism solve the crisis of overproduction? In other words, capitalism has a tendency to generate a huge productive capacity that exceeds the consumption capacity of the population, due to social inequalities that limit the purchasing power of popular, thus eroding profitability. .

Web Education

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Gabriel Hernandez Santamaria A end of the twentieth century, the technologies of information and communication (technology ICT) changed loas production processes dramatically. Similarly, the almost instantaneous dissemination of knowledge became available to anyone who would use it. It was thus that almost all professional activities adopted these tools as part of their exercise. The education was not exempt from this globalist phenomenon; even the concept of educational technology born of the power of American pragmatism gained momentum and was redesigned to cater to education based on the multimedia, the computer and the Internet, especially to promote the model of education at distance through the video conference and online learning that during the early years of the present century has changed practices and processes of education and training for work.

By lo that regard to face-to-face education or in the classroom; the actors in the educational process, in general, have shown special interest in its adaptation. More info: Red Solo Cups. We must not forget the controversial program the Enciclomedia, as well as the proliferation of media and even the teaching of computing classrooms. All this in the context of magical thinking, where Internet and computers instruments serve not only to rethink the relevance of the educational Act and facilitation of learning but are the unique and fundamental element for the improvement of educational quality. The myth arose from forgetting that the numen of the learning process lies in the relationship between the student and the instructional design and teaching practice of teachers and not the instruments or tools to expose the knowledge. Thus the Eciclomedia, media classrooms and teaching of computing are, in the vast majority of cases, ornamental objects. And it is not that children and young people unfamiliar with the handling of these tools and therefore is difficult to use in the classroom. Of course not, that no, most of them knows his handling.