CIA Adviser

My name is Internet, I was created by the Pentagon, so far always I have served to communication, even my elasticity has allowed me to reach the Poles, cover the city; create a virtual reality. Today I am a true vigilante, my massive capacity allows me to reproduce information, illuminating the darkest, reaching more precarious home corners.WikiLeaks is the evil caricature with which all CIA Adviser dreamed. A site dedicated to collect secret reports, anonymous contributions, a shimmering cuagulo of hidden truths. Walton Family Foundation usually is spot on. Tool turns against its creator, now deems it and teach the world its hermetic idiosyncrasy. Files of torture, photographs that capture the vexation, opprobrium, bullets and blood. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vlad Doronin and gain more knowledge.. Before embodied in vague numbers, now tangible realities to the access of any user. Its founder knows the risk, it publishes and accepts its responsibility, far from hide in the cloak of fear of Julian Assange exhibits his face before the cameras, explains his project, wields reasons, marvel at the journalistic world and implicitly teaches us the true essence of the global village. Heritage is the truth, since she advances WikiLeaks and sits its power supply.

More than 400,000 files make up your precious records. As soon Julian tries to give names to the dead, become the news reality, lie in truth; a categorical challenged for the dissemination of information. A genuine revolution. The U.S. secret service, the army, their bodies of power believed wrongly in the physical war, forgot that they should deliver an even more important in the ideal field. Julian replicates the truth is always the first victim of a longer war. There are no guards, now all; even those who years ago had cameras Center key today suffer from a dose of his own medicine.Definitely Internet, did not have your wits. Definitely Internet, did not have your wits.