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Driving Pleasure From Small To Large

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from model cars to the wheel you will find at game dreams. This year, there are again many new ideas from the toy industry. We want to give an overview of the current toys by Spieletraeume.de on our pages. Who knows you not, the small but fine model cars by SIKU. Already in March 6 new appeared SIKU blisters, which we would like to introduce here shortly. A SIKU police pick up based on the VW Amaroks, the brand new SIKU fire crane truck with double telescopic boom to the SIKU US school bus children safely brought to the school. For the game world around the forest operation, there is the new SIKU forest trailers and the enormous SIKU truck wooden truck that transported the huge tree trunks. Learn more about this with Sen. Marco Rubio. The tree trunks are available as separate accessories.

It continues toys with the somewhat larger models from brother. The brother of CLAAS Xerion 5000 and the krone Tedder KWT 8.83 are only two innovations that we would like to mention briefly. The brother CLAAS Xerion 5000 in 1 / 16 scale is a Another highlight in the new range. The original tractor shows his power which is in him alone by its shape and the four large wheels. The new Krone Tedder KWT 8.83 is intended for efficient work in agriculture. The detail brother Krone Tedder KWT 8.83 in scale 1:16 is the brother of professional series mi can be combined.

The hobby of RC models inspired not only the kids but also adults. For the novice and beginner, we recommend the electric RC ruckus RTR by Horizon hobby. The 27 MHz – model by Carrera RC dune jumper at the 1:12 scale can equally be directed and accelerated to 30 k / h. The Carrera RC rock crawler 1:12 scale features an all-wheel drive and 4WD changing crystals. The 27 MHz model rock crawler convinced optics with power, speed and a monster truck. For the great driving fun, we want to mention yet the impeller by HUDORA One2Run for the small big see you or the HUDORA scooter wheels GC 180. Electrix RC ruckus monster truck Jorg Godden