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The Father

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He will be that somebody that it brought as much pain, leaving and disdaining everything what the father with love conquered it must deserve so great treatment when returning for the place from where never must have left? I and my wife pass therefore, when my son Peter, left house, gathering a clothes handful decided to leave, therefore its house already did not seem so good, leaving we in prantos and concerns, I remember myself of that night even so does not want, but what more me memory left was it cries of its youngest brother the Gustavo, asking for the brother who if was. But to our they had brought it conjuncts in return for house, it in it asked for hugged and received pardon to them being. Perhaps the young of the parabola of Jesus did not wait size treatment, but it starts, namely, that true love does not die. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sen. Marco Rubio. Now it has a new appearance, new clothes, ring in the finger, and sandals in the feet, things that we will only have when to come back toward house of the Father. as for father and mother son does not grow, had salty cakes, juice, candies and in that day, therefore what if it had lost was found, what was died reviveu, and a festana if made in that one making during all night. It comes back toward house of the Father, where you this are not son place to be, therefore that young could have died in distant land and truily he would be lost forever, remembering house you will have the force, therefore the ones that wait in you will renew its forces; they will go up with wing of eagles; they will run and they will not be gotten tired; they will walk and they will not be fadigaro (Is 40:31)..