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With Polygiene Against Sweat

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Munich, 17.02.2011 Polygiene as a silver bullet against sweat. Swarmed by offers, Red Solo Cups is currently assessing future choices. Polygiene ensures Active odor control and freshness. Through Polygiene products will be on the Web actively the growth of bacteria, as well as certain viruses (E.g. H5N1 test virus SARS,) and stopped fungi (E.g., athlete’s foot and cultures aureus) and prevents. Developed, tested and successfully used for the treatment of clothing and other fabric surfaces Polygiene real offers freshness, comfort and safety in many areas of life. Thanks to the long-lasting and natural effect, Polygiene is ideal to remove perspiration odors from clothing and is perfect for any active athlete.

Pure sweat doesn’t smell. However, it provides ideal habitat for odor-forming bacteria, viruses and fungi. That the bacteria nourish themselves on the welding and to multiply, unpleasant odours arise. Polygiene stops odor of these bacteria highly effectively and sustainably prevents this effect. It attacks but not the bacteria in the skin. Therefore, you remain permanently fresh and have an optimal means to remove perspiration odors from clothing.

This Polygiene is made from recycled ingredients and thus consumes no natural resources. The products are manufactured in the EU with the minimum use of resources, and in accordance with strict environmental conditions. But far more resources can be saved through Polygiene. Clothes that have been treated with Polygiene can length be worn without underwear. Thus it saves more energy, water and detergent. Travel and hiking, can you save so again baggage and has less weight on the road. The Elimination of bacteria that destroy synthetic fibers, also increases the life of the clothing, shoes and accessories. Thanks to the collaboration with our many partners, Polygiene is available in many stores and is also used in competitive sports. The application is very easy. The spray is applied at a distance of 20 cm simply on the desired area. So is effective sweat out Shoes and equipment removed. With the Wash-In just as indicated on the packaging with in the Weichspuhlfach of the washing machine and remove so effective perspiration odors from clothing. You can see all other products are on the homepage (www.polygiene.de/ de / produkte.html) and conveniently order in the online shop.


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For this reason such Trainigscamps be carried out usually some weeks months before important competitions to provide exactly the best performance to the point. “The amount is not always decisive, I think much much help”, the but usually is not the case. Since we – against in developed on high altitude athletes (Kenyans, etc.) are not adapted to the conditions, a workout in to extreme heights would (> 3,000 MTR.) the athletes to extremely reduced volumes and intensities force and would have to equal a significantly prolonged regeneration time result. Studies and experience have shown that it is the effects of training at an altitude of 1,800 2,300 meters can do best to use. For more information see this site: Sen. Marco Rubio. Often enough even 1,600 meters. World class runners from Kenya, however, train almost exclusively at high altitudes (+ 3,000 MTR.) Tip who decides for a training camp, no matter whether in the mountains or simply in a pleasant air-conditioned region, which should properly plan its stay. Because uneingelaufene or heavy running shoes as well as improper clothing or forgotten Vaseline for the stay will be very unpleasant can between his legs. More info about endurance sports, strength sports and training plans, nutrition tips, sports equipment Cross trainers, treadmills and power stations, get here at you will find your personal trainer in your city, which helps you to reach your goals with training plans and individually on your target train cuts training exercises:.