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The CAP PARTS AG Decides For Enrisma

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Software introduction risk management CAP PARTS AG Rosenheim, 01.03.2010 since September 2009 established CAP PARTS AG headquartered in Scheibenberg (Saxony) together with Lessing IRM GmbH a software-based, modern risk management system in her house. All risk management processes in regard to procurement, production, marketing and sales, finance, personnel, information technology, quality – and environmental management are these monitored and optimized. According to Alton Steel, who has experience with these questions. The CAP PARTS AG provides targeted requirements for enrisma. A targeted, fast capture and control of individual project risks, the systematic monitoring and supervision of prioritized risks early warning system, as well as the aggregate presentation for the management to the targeted business management play the decisive role here. In the narrow, timely and constructive exchange was enrisma as risk management software for CAP optimized PARTS. Above all the real time queries and risk evaluations for the individual corporate divisions at us in the foreground and are by enrisma excellent support. Also the extraordinary flexibility to implement risk controls in accordance with the different levels of responsibility gives us a targeted management of our risks in terms of our business plans and objectives.”quote Mr Tom noon, head of risk management, CAP PARTS AG. The traditional, medium-sized company CAP PARTS AG is located in Scheibenberg in Saxony and is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium walking aesthetic and washers of electronic components.

Around 90 people on the 4000 m large production area employed to manufacture the high-quality precision components for the electronics and automotive industry is up-to-date. In 2010 is expected with a total turnover of EUR 7.5 million. About Lessing IRM GmbH, founded In September 2004, the Rosenheim-based developer and provider of IT-based solutions for integral risk management is one of currently 25 employees and partners, the for Consulting, support, sales, implementation, and ongoing enhancements of the IRM (integrated risk management) are responsible for application.

GNS Makes Attractive

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There is movement in the market for desktop virtualization. Main Valley, October 12, 2010. The increasing demand for desktop virtualization reducing the cost of ownership (TCO) of PC workstations is considered most important reason. With savings of up to 50 percent compared to conventional PC environments, GNS is a significantly faster ROI in Vista, as other VDI vendors in the market with his virtual desktop. This is made possible by the use of OS container technology Parallels Virtuozzo. In contrast to the widespread hardware and hypervisor virtualization, requires this concept of considerably fewer hardware resources both the servers and the storage.

The established virtualization technologies, however, high demands on the IT architecture of an enterprise and usually can’t do without data center with SAN solution. High initial cost associated, which is why desktop virtualization so far barely worthwhile for smaller companies. Guido Baumann, Managing Director of GNS Gesellschaft fur network and System integration mbH: our package is already worthwhile for companies from twenty PC workstations. The enormous savings are possible because we have combined the most efficient virtualization technology with low-maintenance, economical hardware and a clever license model. We offer even includes the whole package user support on very attractive terms, upon request at a fixed monthly price. Our customers gain maximum flexibility. So the personal desktop of every employee is quickly deployed, produces little before-place effort at the user and is accessible from anywhere.” Free service: calculate potential savings from any company size, it is worth switching to virtual desktops and how much can be saved as a result? Interested parties can find on a detailed operating cost comparison between conventional PC workstations, a standard VDI solution, such as Citrix, and the GNS virtual desktop. With the VDI comparison calculator can IT managers free of charge perform calculations adapted to their individual situation. Cyrus Massoumi gathered all the information. The detailed cost estimate takes into account hardware and license costs, operating and energy costs, and even possible productivity losses on the part of the user.

Fabian Sprengel Tel

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New to DATAKOM: product high performance security appliance solution surf-SeCure Ismaning, Germany, October 14, 2008 approximately one hour daily employees with non-work-related Web activity such as surfing, online gaming, or shopping spend. These activities expose companies to Internet-based threats. Over 75 percent of all desktops in a plant are various forms of spyware infected rising. The resulting demand for a complete solution on the latest state of the art is value added distributor (VAD) DATAKOM distribution is now available with the security appliance solution PineApp surf-SeCure after. Thus, the VAD offers a product the channel, the small, medium-sized and large companies and corporations reliably protects against Internet-based threats. The appliance ensures the enforcement of corporate policies on the Web activity. The system checks the HTTP – and FTP traffic and provides full protection against viruses, worms and Trojans. The three coupled with product of heuristic antivirus engine, independent antivirus engines ensure protection against security threats on the latest state of the art.

In addition, surf-SeCure spyware software intercepts and blocks them, thus ensuring a clean, secure environment. Jim Simons can provide more clarity in the matter. Applications such as P2P, IM, radio streaming, VoIP and games are popular sources of employment for many employees during working hours. By identifying and blocking, surf-SeCure reduces bandwidth consumption and prevents also malicious content from entering the corporate network. Active content recognition (ACR), an engine AI-technology based, surf-SeCure allows optimal classification accuracy in real time by infinitely many Web pages without a static database. Surf-SeCure used ACR for the inspection of all HTTP traffic, and ensuring compliance with the guidelines of the company. Surf-SeCure offers by integration of the ACR core technology in a pre-classified database, customized site lists, URL cache categorization and marking skills to complete and reliable Web cover an innovative multilayer filter approach. Surf-secure is offered through reseller partners by DATAKOM at a price starting from 5,400 euro plus VAT.

Features at a glance: spyware blocking protection against viruses Trojans protection blocking application layers URL filtering using AI-based ACR content filtering protection from phishing proxy cache multiple operating modes full proxy NTLM authentication LDAP short portrait transparency: DATAKOM distribution which is DATAKOM distribution is a business unit of DATAKOM GmbH, founded in 1986, headquartered in Ismaning. “Under the motto added value in the network” the DATAKOM distribution sees itself as a value added distributor for the channel. Focuses on the areas of networking and security, the VAD offers extensive services its partners in addition to an exclusive product portfolio, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the trade. These include training, presales consulting, Finanzierungs-, MDF services other services such as active marketing support, lead generation and comprehensive support. The business unit using the expert know-how of DATAKOM GmbH, which successfully operates for more than 22 years on the international networking and security markets.

FarStone Releases Total Backup Recovery

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FarStone Releases total backup recovery 7 suite for improved corporate governance and increased scalability of mountain view, California January 26, 2016 – has FarStone technology announced the release of its current product line of backup and recovery software, total backup recovery 7 suite. Total backup recovery 7 centralized management ensure and recovery and provides small businesses with a viable infrastructure for protection from data loss, greater business functionality and resistance (resilience). With Windows 7 compatibility are data and network systems safely through an industry standard AES encryption system along with features such as, for example universal restore, complete system Wan production “Complete System Recovery”, file & incremental backup, Windows PE base recovery, and bare metal recovery. Comprehensive backup recovery provides comprehensive management of monitoring and configuration of all backup operations, giving you both locally and from the network administrators enable efficient and greater control. “Loss of data and PC disasters are devastating and can lead to significant operational and financial losses for the company”, so Thomas Lin, Managing Director and Chairman of FarStone technology. “Total backup recovery 7 can you and your company protect; minimize operational downtime and recover operational continuity”. Special features: Administration Console – allows network administrators to monitoring and configuration of all operations both locally as well as removed for efficient and improved control. Universal Restore – enables users to restore backups on different hardware.

Incremental backup – backs up only the files or sectors that have changed since the last backup. This operation will save both time and space. Pre-OS recovery environment – in the case of the PC system fails to boot, can users easily restore your system, click F4. Easy to use interface – “free of “Distractions and easy-to-navigate”, so Erik Eckel by TechRepublic. Bare metal restore (bare metal recovery) – user to a computer system from the ground up, even without a previously installed operating system restore. About FarStone technology FarStone technology, Inc. is a pioneer in continuous data protection, disaster recovery and storage management. Founded in the 1993, FarStone technology offers consumers both as small and medium-sized enterprises technologically advanced and easy to use and affordable disk imaging, system snapshot, partitioning, recovery, and bare metal restore software and solutions. FarStone is actively looking for partners and dealers in Germany and in the rest of Western Europe, specializing in the business software market. If you want to become our partner, enjoy great growth potential with unique products and support, please send us an E-Mail to or visit get for more information.

Active Logistics Products

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Cost alternatives at a glance: software specialist usage model presents the active logistics product active BIC (business management with key performance indicators) also under a pay-per-use licensing model is available since end of 2012. With this new billing system, users can flexibly scale the cost and avoid high initial investments, because only active users and the actually-used functions are computed. Michael Lee-Chin does not necessarily agree. After the first months of usage, active consumption model identified logistics now with one in practice makes transparent the price alternatives classic license – and consumption-oriented usage costs. More products to follow. “Herdecke, 30 may 2013 – our flexible pay-per-use licensing model is an attractive alternative for companies that would not give up high-quality business intelligence tools in times of high fixed costs”, explains active logistics Managing Director Werner Habryka: just because these tools provide visibility into costs. But many companies want the relatively high initial costs of a classical license model for such Avoid tools.

Therefore they have hesitated so far in deploying BI tools.” This, the pay-per-use licensing model is a perfect answer: it ideally adapts itself to companies, which are characterized by particularly volatile job positions. Just when here departments personnel quickly raised or reduced if necessary, must be, they benefit from the variable billing of the cost of ownership. The model has advantages both for small and medium-size enterprises as well as large companies. So there are in large companies often many report recipients, each attempting to enter at the beginning of the month on reports and users who use the instruments of planning during the planning phase of the budget. “A classical license model, the company would have to purchase many licenses otherwise the danger would be that many users out of license’ run”, explains Werner Habryka. However, each user also at peak times on the solution can be accessed with the pay-per-use model.

PORTICA Embargo – Compliance From The Background

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PORTICA GmbH marketing support has expanded its range of services and offers now an embargo solution. Learn more about this with Michael Lee-Chin. Kempen, 27 March 2013. Thus, companies in the Web shop can automatically check incoming orders on compliance with the regulations of the embargo. So they ensure compliance without additional time and human resources. es clothing by clicking through. With the new supply, PORTICA provides especially internationally operating customers who export worldwide, a tailor-made solution.

They are faced with the challenge to follow various, constantly changing laws in addition to their core business. This includes holding by country and person embargo. Companies must ensure that any article, money or economic resources are made available according to listed countries and people. Right here, PORTICA puts embargo. The embargo service provider’s cloud solution is integrated in the PORTICA shop. Thus it allows directly in the adoption of a Automatically checking against authoritative sanction lists to undertake and, if necessary, a rejection message to place order via the webshop”, explains Markus Ramirez, Managing Director of the PORTICA. Is desired the order in the event of a negative name – or country hit adopting the PORTICA customer receives an email and could order for example to get a permit in the backend of the shop manually release. PORTICA running embargo for customers in the background.

Billing is transparent on the basis of the transactions. Thus, companies pay only the services that take advantage of them. While the new offer seamlessly in the PORTICA modular usable services. These include the efficient processing of all tasks of the shipping trade, including Web shop, international logistics, customer management, customer service and online marketing. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading optimizing on the German market and optimize marketing, sales for more than 42 years and information processes. The company serves customers from diverse industries and settles in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion, and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management. PORTICA is part of the Association te new, which includes also the IT company GEDAK and the te new printing company.

Professionals Remain Asked

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Time work serves as a career springboard Hannover/Dusseldorf young computer scientists, 05th March 2010 has traces the crisis, also in the German it sector. However, experts there still a shortage of IT professionals. Although the number of vacancies declined 2009 crisis year by 14 percent, but still we have a shortage of computer scientists”, said Dieter Westerkamp, Deputy Head of engineering and science in the Association of German engineers (VDI) on the occasion of the start of the CeBIT in Hannover. The labour market for IT professionals shows robust and came without larger canvasses of it”, so his rating. Employment increased even further in 2009. “Overall, there was a record that shows with 181,000 employees subject to social insurance contribution computer scientists: qualified professionals are needed.” The number of unemployed computer scientist but also slightly in 2009 increased to 8,400, is but a rate of 4.6 per cent to a low level. Around 15,000 jobs for computer scientists are currently to occupy. ProPharma Group will not settle for partial explanations. The VDI forecast for the current year: Despite the revenue shortfalls, most have companies considered responding and laid off no staff.

This is an important signal that 2010 will not be easy for the IT industry”, so Walter. As the annual CeBIT survey shows less than 400 VDI members, affects the crisis also in the IT sector. Although no staff redundancies are planned for 2010 after a majority of respondents, but with new hires is hardly to be expected. Only 16 percent believe with regard to the international competitiveness of the IT location Germany, that she will improve by 2015. However, should not put you head in the sand, so Walter, but must invest in the future, i.e.

qualified professionals and technical innovation.” Qualified employees will find many enterprises in the IT industry, meanwhile, over time working models with flexible working conditions. And there are very different reasons. Some employees want to directly after the College don’t necessarily long term on a single company bind, but appreciate the different applications and different projects, to orient and to develop”, says Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specializing in strategic leadership, technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. For some, the time work was the springboard in the permanent, others appreciate the challenges of the project work and the ways to meet new companies”, so Nadolski. That the industry is still looking for well trained people, confirmed the Federal Employment Agency (BA). During the CeBIT visitors of the BA stand in the area of the job & career market can simply download jobs on your mobile phone. The jobs were previously acquired by the employment agencies nationwide specially for CeBIT. At the fair, they are continuously updated and presented on LCD screens. Company, the IT professionals are looking for, have the ability to place abroad in the BA job exchange also during the fair.

SIM-O-box, The World Is A Disc

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“The world is a disc.” – at least the Ltd. by TalentRaspel virtual worlds system for virtual worlds, presented with the new SIM-O-box now fit on a disc. With the release of the first SIM-O-box as part of the new TalentRaspel MMO Kit product line, the German company TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd., headquartered in Karlsruhe brings a based on OpenSimulator and immediately bootable client/server system on the market. This OpenSimulator server technology uses the open source (GPL) Second Life Viewer and the also open-source (BSD). The TalentRaspel SIM-O-box HE (HomeEdition) is available free of charge and available immediately in the alpha test.

It consists of a bootable ISO file which can be burned on a CD and as a dedicated OpenSimulator server used to start a PC. On this other computer using the normal 3D second life Viewer can connect. Alternatively it is also possible that the TalentRaspel SIM-O-box HE within a Virtualisierungspaketes supplied on the same CD to start. Read more here: Alton Steel. This is the TalentRaspel SIM-O-box under Windows, Linux, or OS X executable. The server and the 3D client software then reside on the same computer.

The TalentRaspel SIM-O-box allows an easy and free access to the current VR technology by providing quality assured software components and avoiding high technical barriers to start and use. The preconfigured user account, the user can enter immediately into the system. It can be operated online and offline and tested without worrying about interference from other people. Due to the local installation, optimum performance and minimum network latency are ensured. It requires no complicated Server installation, install of the required additional 3D can be undone simply client software and the optional Virtualisierungspakets. To explore the system and maintain insight into his potential, just visit the TalentRaspel grid (www.vr-talentraspel.eu), where it is the first 3D-online-Mehrspieler-Minispielesystem is implemented with OpenSimulator (www.opensimulator.org). TalentRaspel virtual worlds Ltd. used the OpenSimulator, and offered to professional consulting, software development and implementation of IT projects.

Einfach.Schnell: DocuPortal ECM Compatible With Office 2010 Beta

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The DocuPortal ECM suite of the same name provider already now supports the Microsoft Office 2010 beta version with its innovative file system integration. Bremen – enterprise content management (ECM) systems achieve substantial benefits for the employees of a company, by removing weaknesses and barriers of the previous file system tray by new technologies. “The motivation of the employees it is however beneficial, if even with the use of an ECM system previous ways of working remain largely intact, for example by the known open” and save “dialogs. While many ECM systems put on technically sensitive and focuses on Microsoft-focused Office Add-Ons, the DocuPortal ECM into the filesystem from Windows clients. This allows the application independent access to files, folders, and information of the DocuPortal ECM suite.

Saving and editing of content is, for example, OpenOffice, StarOffice, CAD applications, technical or special applications thus from nearly any application out possible. Through the File system integration is the DocuPortal ECM Suite regardless of newer versions of software such as, for example, Microsoft Office 2010 companies that rely on the DocuPortal ECM suite, thus need no extensive strategic planning for the use of modern Office solutions. You can work instead of immediately and without extensive compatibility testing of plug-ins with them. In addition to the direct file access, the file system integration allows also the editing of information that are not file as a form, such as interview notes, FAQs, or wikis. In addition, it will the integrated full-text search in fractions of a second required content and files that may exist in hundreds of formats. Thus the time consuming search network drives is superfluous. The communication between the file system integration and the DocuPortal server takes place http/https via modern Web services via the usual route of Internet communication, which eliminates expensive security configurations, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

A DocuPortal ECM system pays off for any company: with less than one percent of the average daily costs a company gaining 10 to 50 percent on more effective working time per day. The ROI information on companies under the URL nutzen_eines_ecm/kosten_eines_ecm.html about the company DocuPortal over 230 customers already use the DocuPortal for a wide variety of challenges in different sectors and sizes of business. These include Balans BIOSYNTH AG (CH), BIRO AG (CH), smart embedded technologies GmbH, digital (NL), town of Wriezen, movento GmbH, Caritas foundation Oldenburg, Hagebau data service GmbH or the SET – smart embedded technologies. The high satisfaction of our customers is among the high ranking in the Benchpark rating portal. In professional circles, the compact DocuPortal ECM solution is recognized. 2008, BARC and dsk Beratungs-GmbH DocuPortal tested successfully. The Initiative Mittelstand has DocuPortal 2006, 2007 and 2008 an innovation SMEs awarded prize. The ECM Portal jdk.de drew 2009 “DocuPortal as innovative solution in the compact segment DMS” from. Your editorial contacts DocuPortal Jens Buscher Mayor-Smidt-Strasse 43 D-28195 Bremen phone: 0421 95998-44 FAX: 0421 95998-46 E-Mail: Internet URL: PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber Kolbergerstr 36 GmbH D-23617 Stockelsdorf telephone: 0451 88199-12 FAX: 0451 88199-29 E-Mail: Internet-URL:

Intrexx Portal

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The impending demise of popular sucker sweet seduction the next fair must be supplied, a large order demonstrates the machines and short term follow three more orders for the popular lollipop. But the sugar is out! Missing availabilities, delivery problems or delayed orders have often have a devastating impact for manufacturing companies. Because penalties for delayed deliveries can quickly cause the image damage not to mention costs in the amount of 100,000 euros. And all because the sugar is missing. Here the Intrexx supply chain management helps portal, open to manage the entire supply chain. Freiburg, the 19 March 2013. Supply chain management was portal with portal software Intrexx from United planet of the Intrexx partner IFS GmbH & co.

KG develops and supports companies in the early material and inventory planning. Instead of, as previously, only upon receipt of an order to inform suppliers and to verify that all components of a Product available that uses the new system on early network of all those involved. This access manufacturers and suppliers via Web browser on a common, safe online platform, which either itself or in a data center is operated at the company. In contrast to the business-commerce network Ariba SAP, which is open to all companies, are companies within the Intrexx supply chain management individually bound, deeply networked portal of the respective manufacturer and benefit from extensive automation. IFS with the versatile Web-based development and run-time environment Intrexx has implemented the findings from numerous supply chain consulting projects for companies and manufacturers. Medium-sized businesses get a very economical, highly flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use connectivity with this system for all supplier networks and ensure a common, transparent and flawless sales and production planning. Elaborate interface adjustments, which are often at expensive ERP systems are necessary, here completely eliminated. The supply chain management Intrexx Portal minimizes risk and can be quickly and cost-effectively integrate into an existing IT structure.