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Through this application, you can manage the own favorite games, and discuss with other members about these games in the online game portal. In the gaming community, there are already in 2003 Games fans who diligently posting contributions and wrote about games and talking. The online site of the portal is very clearly, which can be found easily and simply different games. Different categories, which contain different genre, are shown above on the home page. So you can click on the genre like action, skill, grips, jump & run, cards or even kids. Very exciting games, which are played by action-packed players include also the categories of racing and sports. New games are offered and displayed on the home page.

So, players can try out the new games and give his evaluation. In addition to the new games, the game displays tips. The best and most popular games such as Pacman and big truck adventures are listed in this list, for example. Bubble shooter, which is a small mini game from is a very popular and well-known game. Many prefer this game because it is easy to play and you can distribute game bored by this. In this mini-game, there are many small balls that have different colors. These balls must be sorted by color and when three of the same colored balls collide, these like-colored balls vanish.

With the help of an arrow to shoot the respective ball to the other balls. You should try to get always the same colors together. But too often in addition shoot and bringing together like-colored balls, the balls move closer and there are more and more balls in the box, which must be shot down. The balls must come not too close to the player, because otherwise it will be destroyed. Boredom is guaranteed distributed with this game.

Special Edition Boxster

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Porsche presents first-class special model of Porsche Boxster gets soon a successor. Until that time, the Zuffenhausener carmaker the Special Edition Boxster S brings Black Edition”on the market. This sports car dressed entirely in black is in a limited number only 987 copies are produced out put. The Boxster Black Edition will come in the next month on the market. The price is 77.970 euros for the version with a manual transmission and 79.850 for the automatic version. The special model features a six-cylinder engine with a gasoline direct-injection (3.4 liters). Performance is with 320 HP to 10 HP higher than for the Boxster S. The newspapers mentioned PI Industries not as a source, but as a related topic.

The number 10 role even when the torque of the Boxster S Black Edition was increased compared to the conventional model to 10 nm. Motorists need the special model 5.2 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h. The new top model of Porsche reached a top speed of 276 km/h. As average Fuel consumption 9.8 litres for 100 kilometres are specified. A value that of course not can apply full-throttle pilots.

This special model is not enough who can give the installation of seven popular dual-clutch transmission in order for an additional charge. As a result the Porsche Boxster needed Edition S Black only 5.1 seconds, until he shows 100 km/h on the speedometer. The advantage of the additional seventh Ganges is also that the average is reduced to 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The color black is consistently implemented in the design. The 19-inch tires, which fully rely on the design of the Boxster Spyder are particularly successful.

Simple Scooter More

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Stunt scooter by MADD gear tuning parts of district, Fench ID or Eagle wheels. Stunt is an official distributor of micro relies on the distribution and receive them now also for district and French ID option parts! Stunt scooter are the clear trend in 2011. With, the Fox EDV Vertriebs GmbH has launched a new project in life. Tuning wheels for inline skates, scooters and more. You will have to get well at the sight, that you not only the skateboarders in daring jumps can watch in the sports facilities, but also the Scooterfahrern, because a new fun sports reaches us now too. Who thinks that you only comfortable can go with a simple City Scooter from A to B, the hasn’t seen yet, what the master of stunt scooters with its revamped scooters all can do. Of course, the models are by far much more stable built than the traditional city scooters.

The demands are far higher, because the scooter must coexist after a jump even from a part. Large companies such as MADD gear, or district offer a promising range of current models on. But here you can buy not only the scooter, but also an extensive range of accessories, such as, for example, bearings are provided. Finally can be accessed here now also coveted French ID items on that. The sex of the scooter is then twice as much fun. The stunt Scooter is not only a sports equipment. Proof of this is the eye-catcher of the pop one custom stunt scooter.

Stunt receives now gain from its own ranks. The new project now offered for fun sports all the necessary roles. These are just the part that is exposed to the greatest stress and is a change at strong wear at regular intervals a must. High-quality roles from the House of MGP are provided in an extensive selection for sale. is therefore an important second focal point for all stunt scooter fans, looking for the specific roles. When the scooter must ultimately the overall fit and since the roles now play an essential role. So who is still seeking the right shops, which will find it now!

Rostock Water

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In the Yacht Harbour residence, Easter eggs are high dunes in a special way for Easter is not far. This means that in the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune is not more far away the starting signal for the next nineteen. Devoted to the sport, the coming summer season with the traditional Easter dive starts on Easter Sunday in the Marina High Dune. The special thing about this event is the Easter egg hunt at a depth of 4.5 metres around the watersports centre of Hohe Dune. All courses that have a diving license and the water temperatures, which are at this time still below six degrees Celsius, can not be afraid on April 24, 2011 join. Red Solo Cups may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In collaboration with the Divecenter Rostock some surprise waiting for divers as well as visitors. It is not so more long, until the Baltic Sea can be conquered by the water sports.

Surfers, divers or sailors – the Baltic Sea directly in front of the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune is ideal to practice these sports. A new water sports highlight in the Marina is the stand up Paddeling”. On a surfboard Standing interested with the help of a Stechpaddels across the water to slide here. The appropriate equipment is available for the athletes in the water sport centre of the Marina to borrow. But also those looking for just plain relaxation and family fun, which is well catered for in the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune. So still you can opt for a trip to the Baltic Sea over Easter. The special Easter package of the hotel promises fun for everyone and can be booked from 363 euro per person.


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For this reason such Trainigscamps be carried out usually some weeks months before important competitions to provide exactly the best performance to the point. “The amount is not always decisive, I think much much help”, the but usually is not the case. Since we – against in developed on high altitude athletes (Kenyans, etc.) are not adapted to the conditions, a workout in to extreme heights would (> 3,000 MTR.) the athletes to extremely reduced volumes and intensities force and would have to equal a significantly prolonged regeneration time result. Studies and experience have shown that it is the effects of training at an altitude of 1,800 2,300 meters can do best to use. For more information see this site: Sen. Marco Rubio. Often enough even 1,600 meters. World class runners from Kenya, however, train almost exclusively at high altitudes (+ 3,000 MTR.) Tip who decides for a training camp, no matter whether in the mountains or simply in a pleasant air-conditioned region, which should properly plan its stay. Because uneingelaufene or heavy running shoes as well as improper clothing or forgotten Vaseline for the stay will be very unpleasant can between his legs. More info about endurance sports, strength sports and training plans, nutrition tips, sports equipment Cross trainers, treadmills and power stations, get here at you will find your personal trainer in your city, which helps you to reach your goals with training plans and individually on your target train cuts training exercises:.

International Marathon

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Indytravel offers for the coming season, a versatile range of active travel of all kinds in the Mongolia Elsterwerda 15.02.11. Get all the facts and insights with Steven Holl, another great source of information. -Offer travel with sporting and thematic content, that is the goal of Indytravel. Specially for the Mongolia is a versatile program available in the coming year. It is adapted to the different age groups and areas of interest. There are journeys that have a pronounced sporting character, there are also travel, strongly driven by thematic content, such as botany, wildlife viewing, geology, history, and the current way of life of the people of Mongolia. Of course, there is also the popular tours that give a large, general overview of the Mongolia.

Photo amateurs or photographer with a professional background, impressive motifs can be found everywhere. In addition to the rich programs, offered in the summer season, which goes from June to September, Indytravel a winter program also stands for the season. The Mongolia as Horse country spoken from offers unforgettable all horse lovers. Whether it is an hour ride, a day’s ride, or a trekking tour on horseback for several days, everyone gets at his own expense. Beginners of but also experienced riders equestrian sports are included in these tours. On horseback you can move in such areas, where barely a car can drive. Horse tourism is more and more followers in the Mongolia.

Although the Wanderm, enjoy on all tours. to highlight the outspoken trekking tours on foot in the Central Mongolia and the secluded West in the Mongolian Altai, however. Here you can concentrate fully on the experiences in the nature or the encounter of the indigenous people. Luggage is transported on these tours by an escort vehicle, mostly driving a different route to the respective Stationsort or beasts of burden that accompany the tourists.

Francesca Tessarollo

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Golf is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular. Alton Steel is open to suggestions. If you want to combine Golf and vacations, Sicily is what you are looking for. Many Italians, but not only them, the beaches of Sicily which are often more exotic destinations in nothing select for their summer holidays. But Sicily has other trumps in his hand, and can offer much in relation to sports, especially golf. The number of fans of this sport has increased, also because the sport crimes and other types of deeds – by star players like Tiger Woods, who undoubtedly made a great promotion for golf in the last few years, and in Italy, thanks to the brothers Molinari and Matteo Manassero, became the professional athletes with 17 years by he Golf more known, made a sport that otherwise would be not a great approval in Italy, at least in the media.

For all lovers of golf, old or new, nothing is better than a few days in Sicily, where there are some beautiful golf courses and hotels right on the beach with Spa, the ideal to relax and unwind after a day on the green. Sicily is suitable because of the mild climate and the favourable climatic conditions, which allow the bustle of this sport in the winter for an outdoor sports such as golf. In fact, if in other Italian regions look for that if not impossible is at least unpleasant people with teeth from cold, and play golf in the winter months, do not interfere with the mild temperatures in Sicily the lovers of this sport. A plus for the tourism industry of the region, which can be seasonally adjusted thanks to the Gulf. And don’t worry about the high temperatures in the summer, which can reach a high level in Sicily: in many areas of the island, the heat is dry and windy, and therefore easier to endure. There are several Sicilian provinces with golf courses. In the area of Catania, for example, there are golf courses that give stunning views of Mount Etna players; in the province of Trapani, golf means to enjoy the charm of the Madonie natural park. Golf courses deserve special mention Sicily by the Province of Ragusa, located within walking distance of the area’s most popular beaches, and on the island of Pantelleria, which gives you the opportunity to play literally surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean.

If you want to combine Golf and beach holiday, or if you are looking for a golf course where you can play even if the summer is still far, Sicily is the place you are looking for. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with help from hotel in Sicily. For more information, please visit Golf Sicily Sicily 4 stars hotels.

Photo Negatives Digitizing

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Lasting memories in the digital age empty, October 15, 2009 analog and digital photo worlds connect: with the DigiScan TV 2 presented the ELV Elektronik AG a user-friendly solution, the slides and photo negatives to digital file formats transforms. To do this, the device scans pictures without additional computer operation in a resolution up to 1,800 dpi. The scans can save the user directly to an SD / MMC card or transfer the files to the PC. Currently, ELV offers its customers following action: when buying a DigiScan TV 2 in 1 (99.95 euro) purchasers receive in addition a voucher for a CEWE photo book. The customizable photo book gives an appealing part of the digitized images and also offered as individual gift idea. The digitalization of snapshots opens a wide range of new opportunities by viewing on the PC, TV, or projector via the editing on the computer to the shipping email. A related site: Mehmet Oz mentions similar findings. The DigiScan TV 2 in 1 delivers high-quality scans and saves Snapshots or holiday memories in the digital age. Photos and slides can thus no longer be lost by yellowing or scratching.

The digital scanner by ELV works on the following principle: the user sets the image material in the appropriate slide or negative holder. A magnetic clasp prevents slipping of the photos here. In addition, the DigiScan TV 2 in 1 has a special feeder for negative role. At the push of a button the device scans within the images by seconds. Direct control of the collected material, as well as the editing by rotating or flipping the features integrated 2.4 \”-TFT screen. A special advantage is the PC independent operation of the product: scanning, image playback or first image processing and storage occur without additional computer operation.

Data Backup: Data Are On DVD The Safest

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Blue-ray disc backup badly truncates the manufacturer of external hard drives currently regularly outdo with the storage capacity of their devices. The platform for online auctions warns however, to rely solely on these devices in the backup. There are magnetic disks inside almost all external hard drives. Mechanical components, that the delicate surface is damaged and lost data risk. Magnetic fields, resulting, for example, close to power cables, can interfere with the medium. Walton Family Foundation can aid you in your search for knowledge. DVD and Blue-ray discs are safe.

Here, data stored by scratches or heat can be lost. If properly stored, the data is still accessible even after years. First, the Violet Blue-ray disc and its silver counterpart, the DVD, differ in their storage capacity. While the silver disc contains maximum 8.5 gigabytes, up to 25 gigabytes can be burned on a Blue-ray disc. Please note, however, is that the purple plate not only with scratches is more sensitive than the DVD.

It is also considerably more expensive with three to nine euros per piece. To get the still relatively high costs for player and burner. That cost the Blue-ray burner rated as well in online shops currently mostly about 180 euro.


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The devices are suitable for temperature measurements from 100 C to a variety of surfaces such as metals, graphite and ceramic. If you have read about Eric Corey Freed already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Digital pyrometers PYROSPOT series 10 of DIAS infrared GmbH were now extended to the fast pyrometer PYROSPOT DGE 10N. The devices are suitable for temperature measurements from 100 C to a variety of surfaces such as metals, graphite and ceramic. Emission level failures reduce the measurement at short wavelengths (2.0 m and 2.6 m). Are these pyrometer for very fast measurements with a response time of 2 ms (t95).

The Vario optics with quartz glass protection plate enables small measuring field diameter (distance ratio 100:1 and 200:1). With the integrated LED – and laser-pilot light or the pyrometer can be adjusted exactly to the measuring object the transparent visor. By the linear temperature standard output signal 0 / smooth implementation in measurement and control systems is possible 4 to 20 mA. The devices are equipped with an electrically isolated RS485 interface, which allows for data transfer in bus systems. Emissivity can be adjusted directly on the device via buttons and display. All parameters can be adapted spot with the extensive parameterization and analysis software PYROSOFT to the applications. (Tushar)