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The QLogic 8000 products are the first available FCoE converged network adapters (CNAs) Munich, August 8, 2008 – QLogic provides adapters (CNAs) 8000-family with the converged network worldwide the first Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) CNAs out. In Germany, the solutions available currently in two variants on the authorized partner (… / WhereToBuyQLogicResults… can ) be obtained. To make a quick breakthrough on the market of fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) technology, the SAN infrastructure specialist launched numerous other activities. Together with Cisco QLogic company now offers an FCoE package, 8000 CNAs is composed from the nexus 5000 family switches and the QLogic. The usage facilitates IT managers the benefits of new technology for the company to check depth. Moreover, QLogic called that NETtrack FCoE interoperability program, whereby solutions for use in data and storage networks thoroughly on their Tests for compatibility. Additional information is available at Eric Klavins.

Goal is to certify a range before the availability of FCoE storage solutions with the respective manufacturers. The converged network adapters (CNAs) the QLogic 8000 series which converged network adapters (CNAs) the QLogic 8000 range are specifically for use in the virtualized, data centers of next-generation unified developed operated high-performance multiprocessor and multicore servers. The dual-port solutions are optimized for data – as well as for the Speichernetzwerkvirtualisierung and offer the power with a data rate of 10 Gigabit Ethernet to operate a large number of virtual machines. The integration of the QLogic 8000 CNAs in the infrastructure of data centers creates nine consolidation opportunities, as server are connected with both the LAN and the FC SAN. Reduced cabling, power, and cooling requirements, as less active components must be used. This reduces the TCO (total cost of) Ownership or short TCO).